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Get the Training You Want with MRIS-U

The fall is a busy time, so MRIS offers flexible training options to fit your schedule. If you learn best from an instructor, our fall class schedule is filled to the brim with classroom training sessions at a variety of locations. Bring your laptop to follow along with the instructor!... Read More

RETechnology 6.3.2011

We Want To Know Wednesday: Which MRIS Tech Tools Do you Rely On The Most?

A few weeks ago we asked you what technology tools you can’t live without, but now we’re wondering which of the suite of products that come with an MRIS subcription do you rely on the most? As we roll out more and more products (such as the latest Mozaic, which... Read More


Free Safety App Available To All MRIS Subscribers

Since September is REALTOR® Safety Month we’re going to roll out several different articles on the subject over the next few weeks. But we thought we would start the month off by reminding our customers that as part of your MRIS subscription you have access to a very helpful safety... Read More


Say ‘Yes’ to Attending State Shows This Fall

The fall is a busy time- filled with vacations ending, fall fun activities ramping up, and appointments galore. However, if the decision to make time for a state tradeshow has ever crossed your mind, I’m here to share a few reasons why you should say “yes!” Training From Continuing Education... Read More


Stay Ahead Of The Latest Facebook Changes With These Tips

Facebook has made several changes to the frequency and placement of stories in users’ News Feeds over the past few months and they could impact how much of the content you post ends up being seen by your followers and friends. If you manage a Facebook page for your real... Read More

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.39.00 AM

Share This ‘Bicycle Comfort Level’ Map With Your Arlington Buyers

Arlington County has just released a resident-friendly Bicycle Comfort Level map which shows much more than just where the bike paths are. It ranks them based on characteristics such what the volume and speed of the vehicular traffic is like, the topography of the route, whether a bike lane is present, and its... Read More

Mortgage Calculator

We Want To Know Wednesday: What Do You Think Of Financial Match Programs For Downpayments?

If you have any buyers who are having a hard time saving up for a downpayment they might rejoice at hearing about companies like BoostUp that provide an online match program for people saving to buy a home or a car (the company was recently profiled in the Washington Post). For... Read More


What Kind Of Homes Do Millennials Want To Buy?

There’s a great thought piece by Kevin Hawkins of WAV Group (that includes some important data from RBI Chief Economist Elliott Eisenberg) discussing the likelihood of millennials entering the housing market. Once they do arrive at a position that makes them ready to purchase the question quickly becomes what type of homes do they... Read More


Learn The Best Email Marketing Tricks

There’s a new insider-only info session Tuesday, August 25 at 12pm for Inman Select subscribers that can help you get your email marketing campaigns delivering higher results with a few easy tricks. Free for MRIS subscribers, this webinar with the team from The Paperless Agent will cover: •  Anatomy of an... Read More

Woman Waiting for Train

Where Are All The Commuters Coming From? Check Out This Interactive Map To Find Out.

There’s a new study out by the U.S. Census that has been summarized in this Washington Post article about commuting patterns around the country. Seventy percent of District workers commute in to the city, which is the highest in the country when ranking all the large counties across the U.S. The Post... Read More

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