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Millennials in New Home

Surge Of Millennial Buyers Predicted For 2017, According To

Results from’s annual survey of homebuyers who intend to buy a home next year have just been released and there is finally some good news about those hard-to-define millennials. They want to buy a home. More than half the respondents to the survey indicated they were first time homebuyers and sixty-one... Read More


Prince George’s County to Invest $52M in Suitland Master Development Plan

The county that saw some of the highest foreclosure rates during the recession has made great strides in the return to a balanced market, so much so that officials are doubling down on their investment in the infrastructure of central locations in an effort to attract developers. After an initial... Read More


How Important are Parking Spaces to Your Clients?

MRIS recently provided data to the Washington Business Journal regarding the parking situation in Georgetown, with only a third of home sales here having a parking spot included. Even though the article focused on Georgetown, parking spaces throughout the city are becoming more scarce as more development comes in. Perhaps today’s... Read More


New Cloud CMA Updates Add Customization Options

There are a few new updates from Cloud CMA that give you greater ability to customize your CMA reports. The first noticeable change is for the cover pages of the reports. Previously they provided a map view of the chosen property, but now the default setting is for a satellite... Read More


New Downpayment Assistance Program Follows Commercial Real Estate Model

There’s another downpayment assistance program to add to the list, but this one has a slightly different twist. A program called FirstRex, soon to roll out in Maryland, partners with homebuyers to provide them with part of the downpayment for their home as long as the buyers sign over part... Read More


How to Share Custom Displays Directly from Matrix

One of the most powerful features of Matrix is its ability to search for listings down to a very granular level. This impresses the buyers you work with and makes the search process go much faster because you weed out homes they aren’t going to be interested in early on... Read More


Get the Latest Foreclosure News from RealtyTrac

As part of your core MRIS subscription you can access foreclosure data and reports from RealtyTrac free of charge. Their latest research ranks the cities with the highest foreclosure rates and looks at the numbers behind house flipping including an interview with someone who has a successful career flipping homes... Read More


MRIS Chairman Cindy Ariosa Discusses ‘Vertical Living’ for Washington Post

Drive just about anywhere in downtown Washington these days and you’re bound to see a construction crane or three turning a formerly neglected lot into a high-rise multi-family building. These condos are popular for so many different reasons, which Cindy Ariosa delves into for her latest Washington Post column. What... Read More


What Luxury Means for the DMV

In a recent Inman Local column, Mark Lowham gives an overview of how the luxury market in the Washington D.C. area has a unique flavor compared to many other high-end markets around the country. From the types of smart home tech these buyers are looking for to the unique needs for entertaining spaces... Read More


September 2016 Housing Market Update: Sale Prices Remain High in DC Metro; Baltimore Area Prices Touch Highest September Levels Since 2008

The following analyses of the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Metro Area housing markets have been prepared by Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. of ShowingTime and are based on September 2016 MRIS housing data. DC Metro Overview September 2016’s median sales price of $399,900 was just slightly below last year’s $400,000 and down... Read More

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