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MRIS Green Week is Here!

Maximize your Prize at the R.O.A.D. Show this June

Ready to hit the R.O.A.D.  with MRIS this June? On top of priceless networking opportunities, sneak peeks at new products and in-person demos of our core products, MRIS is packing the trunk with prizes to make sure we show our appreciation for your time spent with us. Your route to rewards... Read More

Green Living

Eco-Friendly Active Listings From Our Database

Since we’re celebrating Earth Day all week long we wanted to highlight some of the green features of homes currently on the market from within our own MLS. Here is just a sample of the variety you can find across our geographic service area. Check out this Falls Church, Va... Read More

Green Energy

CASE STUDY: How SmartMeters (and Rebates) Reduced Utility Usage By Baltimore Gas & Electric Customers

There’s a quiet revolution happening to utility companies around the country and it all has to do with keeping up with the Joneses. Arlington-based Opower is a data analytics company (amongst other things) that uses Big Data to monitor utility usage for dozens of utility companies around the country. They have... Read More

Greening the MLS

MRIS/RBI Announce The Results Of Greening The MLS Study

For the past more-than-a-year MRIS and RBI have been working on a very big project behind the scenes that details the District’s listings with eco-friendly features and how they perform on the market. Using information from our databases we counted up all the 2013 listings that had at least one green... Read More

Greening The MLS#4

Please Share This Greening The MLS Infographic

Happy Earth Day, everyone! We’ve pulled out the most fascinating facts from our Greening The MLS report that we released this morning and put them in this infographic to share. This study took place over the course of a year thanks to funding by the District Department of the Environment,... Read More

Solar Panels

We Want To Know Wednesday: What Green Feature Do Buyers Ask For The Most?

We know from the search terms that come into that there has been a noticeable increase in people who are looking for earth-friendly lifestyle amenities, but we want to hear from agents working directly with real people. We already know that access to public transportation is one of the... Read More

Credit Scores

FICO Scores To Incorporate Utility Payments In Effort To Aid Borrowers

You don’t get too far in conversations about green homes without bringing up the cost of utility bills, which is why this month’s news about changes to FICO score methodology seems especially timely. The Fair Isaac Corp announced that they will look at more variables when determining individual credit scores, and... Read More

Eco-Friendly Buyer

Tips For Working With Buyers Interested In Eco-Friendly Homes

The rise of interest in eco-friendly homes has gone from a small niche of the buyer population to a near majority of them. Whether it is the cost savings that come with high performance building materials or the general preference to live more lightly on the planet, this is a... Read More

Earth Day

Welcome To Green Week 2015!

In honor of Earth Day this Wednesday we’re taking a week-long look at all the ways green living matches up with the real estate industry. Plus, we have the results of a major research project to announce. We have been working on it for over a year, so we’re pretty excited to... Read More


Why 2% Is The New 3% (When It Comes To GDP Growth)

The following is a monthly column economics column written by Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., Chief Economist for RBI. Here he looks at some of the macro trends with GDP and labor productivity numbers and what we should expect in the near future.  Last year, GDP growth was a mediocre 2.4%. While it was... Read More

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