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MRIS QuickTip: How To Compare Location Data In SmartCharts

We’ve got another MRIS-U Quick Tip for you taken from SmartCharts. Do any of your clients want to know what the real estate market is like compared to where they live now? There is an easy way to do it in SmartCharts with just a few clicks. Here’s how: First,... Read More


Wire Fraud Targets Real Estate Transactions

Recently some MRIS customers have reported a particularly insidious wire scam. A hacker will use a phishing attack to be given access to a subscriber’s e-mail account to obtain information about upcoming real estate transactions. The hacker will send an e-mail to the buyer, posing either as the title company... Read More

Fall 2014 Predictions

Why Washington D.C. Has A Resilient Housing Market

This weekend the Washington Post Real Estate section will publish another of their Fall Guides, and you can catch David Charron’s latest column inside. He goes deeper into the reasons behind the resiliency of the Washington D.C. real estate market by looking at the broader safety net that is in... Read More


It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…Stay Safe Out There

It’s looking likely that our region will escape a direct hit from Hurricane Joaquin, but the rain we’ve seen the past few days isn’t expected to let up through the weekend. With much of our region already under flash flood warnings, it’s important to be vigilant, especially when driving. WUSA-9... Read More


Leadership Lessons From RISMedia’s CEO Exchange

CEO David Charron and Chairman of the Board Jon Coile recently spoke at the leadership conference sponsored by RISMedia. The event drew the industry’s top thinkers and doers for a two-day conference of idea sharing and discussions about how to navigate the major changes happening in real estate right before our... Read More

Stay Safe

More Safety Resources From Around The Country

As we round out the end of REALTOR® Safety month we have a few more resources to pass on. We’re going to keep our eye on this every month out of the year (of course!). But for now, here’s the latest in the world of agent safety: Local agent Maggie... Read More


MRIS-U Quick Tip: Keystone Copy Listings

We’ve got another MRIS-U Quick Tip for you taken from Keystone 101: Entering Listings Correctly. Click here to find a class near you, or find a webinar on this topic here. Have you ever needed to re-list an old property, list a second unit in the same residential building or list... Read More


ShowingTime Mobile App Enhancements

ShowingTime has added a few new features and enhancements to its mobile app, making it easier than ever to manage your showing schedule. Scheduling On Behalf of Another Agent ShowingTime users can now schedule appointments in the ShowingTime system when the request wasn’t received online. For instance, when a showing... Read More

Internet Security

How To Stay Safe Online With Tips From Our Director Of Data Center Services

In a world where so much of our lives take place online, how do you stay safe yet still do your job effectively? Garry Marsoubian, the MRIS Director of Data Center Services, talked with RISMedia about this very topic as part of REALTOR® Safety Month. Online safety is a major... Read More


It’s Ten Days Until TRID Takes Effect. Are You Ready?

We are closing in on the start date for the new rules governing HUD-1 forms and closing disclosures so we’re rounding up as much of the information about the changes as we can. Former CEO/Executive Vice President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® (1997-2005) and current MRIS Board of Directors... Read More

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