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Did You Miss these Inman Select Articles?

Last week the real estate website Inman News rolled out a subscriber-only feature for their premium content and about 200,000 members got on board. Here’s a few of the stories you might have missed: An essay by broker Teresa Boardman called Mortgage Lenders Can Make Me Cry. A firsthand look at working... Read More

By the Numbers Seminar: Use Stats to Your Advantage

The Real Estate industry is driven by statistics, and those that have access to and understand them have a distinct advantage. Please join me, Neal Feinberg, and my fellow MRIS Client Alliance Manager Adam Iobst for an informative seminar on how to utilize MRIS statistical tools, and learn how to... Read More

Winter Home

How To Keep Buyers Interested When There’s Two Feet Of Snow On The Ground

Now that the first wave of winter weather is upon us and the weather experts are saying that this winter is going to be “colder and snowier than normal“, it definitely reminds us of how bad things were last year—and how it gave a sluggish start to the usual uptick in real estate... Read More


Freddie Mac Releases New Foreclosure Guidelines

If you work with foreclosures, you may want to check out two recent bulletins from Freddie Mac regarding foreclosure timelines and other guidelines for homeowners about to lose their homes. One that specifically relates to a few states including Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia (but not Virginia) is... Read More

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Support Center Hours

The MRIS Support Center is available to serve you this holiday weekend.  The MRIS Support Center will be closing at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, November 26th, but we will be OPEN from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM on Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th to assist you by phone,... Read More


First Piece of Legislation Regarding Drones Hits The Books

There are a few different court cases winding their way through the legal system about the use of drones for commercial purposes (including the use of overhead photography common to real estate listings) and the first of them has reached its conclusion. The legal question at hand in this particular... Read More


MRIS Close It! – Have You Tried It?

Determining the costs of closing on a home sale is high on the priority list for buyers and sellers alike. Luckily closing cost calculators like MRIS Close It! have made the process much easier than it used to be for everyone involved. Available for FREE to MRIS subscribers, MRIS Close It!... Read More


MRIS Subscribers Receive Free Access To Inman Select

Did you catch the news over on Inman? They have rolled out a new subscription-based website with content from award-winning journalists and highly respected industry leaders called Inman Select. Since MRIS is one of the charter MLSs that has partnered with Inman to offer this opportunity, all MRIS subscribers can have free... Read More


Trainer Talk: Coming Soon Listing Status

Today you’ll see a new listing status for MRIS subscribers to use. Coming Soon status can be used for listings that are being prepped for showing. Properties that can use Coming Soon status are those properties with a listing agreement and the seller’s permission. Days on Market (DOM) do not... Read More

Homes in Winter

Three Winter Home Upgrades That Add Resale Value

According to the Appraisal Institute, homeowners should take steps to winterize their homes in order to reduce energy costs, increase comfort in cold months and improve resale value. “With the fall season coming to a close, now is a great time for homeowners to consider making seasonal updates to their... Read More

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