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Spooky Real Estate Stories From MRIS Subscribers

Happy Halloween, Everyone! For the past few weeks we’ve been asking our readers to share their scary, creepy, and spine-tingling stories from the real estate trenches. We pasted a few of the good ones below, but please add any you might have to the comments. If you’re in the mood... Read More

MRIS Connect

Get to Know MRIS Connect

Curious about the upcoming new MRIS Customer Portal, MRIS Connect? Watch this short overview video and learn how MRIS Connect will make your MRIS subscription even easier to manage (and so much more)! For more information about MRIS Connect, visit PS. The launch of MRIS Connect is scheduled for... Read More

Coming Soon Real Estate Sign

Coming Soon Listing Status is Coming Soon

A new listing status is coming to Keystone and Matrix next month! In mid-November, MRIS will be adding Coming Soon as a listing status for you to use. Here are some important things you need to know about this new status: 1. Listings under the Coming Soon status are not... Read More

Falling Leaves

MRIS Chairman Jon Coile Gives Fall Tips For Spring Sellers

Currently trending as the most read article in the Washington Post real estate section is Jon Coile’s latest column. This month he gives timely advice for those who are planning to list their home in the spring. Since listings peak in the very early spring—usually March for our area—but rise significantly as... Read More

New Home

New Infographic From National Association of REALTORS® Shows How Buyers Find Homes

Check out this cool infographic from NAR that lets you look at the ways buyers found their home using data by each state over the past nine years. It is especially striking to compare the numbers for Internet use. In Virginia, it was as recently as 2010 that things were neck... Read More

Ten Minutes

Nine Things Successful People Do in the First 10 Minutes of the Day

By Barbara Pronin How you handle the first 10 minutes of your work day can determine how productive you are all day – at least according to workplace expert Lynn Taylor, author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant. Taylor’s research suggests the most successful workers begin their day with these... Read More

A small section of the homepage for Ello. Each circle here represents a publicly viewable profile but users can also keep profiles private.

Could “Ello” Help Real Estate Marketing Find A Broader Reach?

There’s a new social media platform that has been getting plenty of press over the past few weeks because it calls itself the “anti-Facebook.” Called Ello, this site has made a big splash by promising to never post ads or sell data about its customers. Ever. As a result they saw upwards of 30,000... Read More

MRIS Marketing Center

Create Flyers and Postcards With MRIS Marketing Center

MRIS Marketing Center, powered by Imprev, lets you create stunning marketing materials for both print and online distribution. The most exciting part of the MRIS Marketing Center is the fact that with a few clicks from the Keystone Homepage, you can select a design for a marketing piece and have listing photos... Read More

Mortgage Application

Mortgage Rules Could Change To Help First-Time Home Buyers

Good news could be coming for first-time homebuyers, and perhaps all buyers, who are struggling to qualify for a mortgage. The Federal Housing Finance Agency—this is the group that oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac— announced on Monday that they would seek to lower the required down payment amount from 5% to... Read More


Showing Safety Tips From Our Readers

We recently asked our readers to share some of the safety precautions they take when showing houses to clients, so here is a recap of what our clients had to say. Please add any other ideas you have in the comments below. “I like to meet a stranger in a... Read More

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