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Green Building

Inside The Plan To Lower FHA Fees

Last month the Federal Housing Administration announced they would reduce the insurance rate for condos in multifamily buildings if they met energy-efficient guidelines. In real numbers that means rates will be set at either 25 or 35 basis points, depending on the type of property. This is a reduction of 20 to 45... Read More

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How Do The Credit Scores Of Millennials Stack Up?

The online lender Avant has released an infographic about the credit profile of millennials and the types of things they spend their money on (tattoos and craft beer are big, apparently). A few pieces of information would be of interest to real estate professionals—such as their average credit scores of 625... Read More

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Take the MRIS 2016 Housing Market Outlook Survey

We are always curious to hear from our customers about how the market is doing in your area and what trends you’re seeing from working with clients. Share your thoughts on the current state of the real estate market, new and/or changing trends with buyers and sellers, and the impact of... Read More

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Hear Why Elliot Eisenberg Is Optimistic About The Housing Market

At Inman Connect NYC last week RBI Chief Economist Elliot Eisenberg gave a talk on the health of the economy and what that means for real estate in 2016. Overall he’s pretty optimistic and he has the data to prove why. In his talk, Elliot covered the main pieces of the puzzle... Read More


We Want To Know Wednesday: Should Lenders Still Look At FICO Scores?

The online lender SoFi has announced that they are no longer going to use FICO scores when determining an applicant’s eligibility for a mortgage. As they state, FICO scores are, “less of an indicator of how a borrower will behave in the future, but rather, a reflection of past behavior….we... Read More

Homesnap Connected

QuickTip Tuesday: Check Out New Homesnap Pro Content Offerings

The popular app that lets you find out the MLS information about a home directly from your phone has new resources available to help agents and their clients! Here is a roundup of some of the new offerings: Get Ideas From Other Professionals Homesnap’s new Podcast, the Homesnap Snapshot, interviews agents across the... Read More


Freddie Mac Releases New Resource Site For Real Estate Agents

Freddie Mac has unveiled the Real Estate Professionals Resource Center—a site that compiles the latest industry news alongside sections devoted to tools for real estate professionals. Some of the topics are: tips for increasing referral methods, trainings and events hosted by NAR and other groups, and information about affordable mortgage products. There’s... Read More


All The Latest From Inman Connect 2016

This year’s Inman Connect Conference in New York City (#ICNY) was filled to the brim with discussions about what’s next for real estate. You can catch some of the highlights from these articles. To access them you need to have signed up for your free subscription to Inman Select as... Read More


CEO David Charron Discusses What A Rise In Interest Rates Means For The Washington Market

For his latest column in the Washington Post David Charron took a look at the recent interest rate increase and what implications that could have for the Washington market. Since the initial rise was only a quarter of a percent he looks at both the longer term and short term consequences... Read More

Greening the MLS

A Closer Look At The Rising Demand For Eco-Friendly Homes

Last year we released the results of a joint study about the role of eco-friendly homes within Washington D.C. and now one of the partners of the study has released a more detailed report that drills down even further. The Washington Post talked to some of the homeowners in the study as... Read More

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