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MRIS Compliance Olympics: Displaying Listings On The Internet

August 9, 2012  |  by Anne

Bravo to all of our “athletes” out there who are working hard this week with the MRIS Compliance Olympics!  In this event, we are testing your knowledge on displaying listings online.  Follow the link below to participate.  Remember, each MRIS Compliance Event you participate in will put you one step closer to the $500 Visa Gift Card grand prize! MRIS Compliance Olympics:... Continue Reading


Ask Me! An NVAR Initiative

August 8, 2012  |  by Anne

Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® (NVAR) Chief Executive Officer, Christine Todd, shares insight on how the Ask Me! campaign started and how it is helping homebuyers navigate the Northern Virginia market.The effort is designed “to get out the word that now is the time of opportunity for buyers and sellers. NVAR’s new “Ask Me!” campaign will connect homebuyers and sellers with NVAR... Continue Reading

Media Connect

MRIS Compliance Olympics: Photo Event

August 7, 2012  |  by Anne

This event should be a crowd favorite due to the ease of use of Media Connect.  With fast photo uploads, its easier than ever to add a photo within  ______ hours of adding a new listing. Know the answer to the fill in the blank? Then participate in the Photo Event below for your chance to win a $500 Visa... Continue Reading

compliance olympics

MRIS Compliance Olympics: Credentials Event

August 6, 2012  |  by Anne

The MRIS Compliance Olympics are officially here!  This week, participate in multiple Compliance Olympic events consisting of 5 questions each for your chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card.  Don’t miss your chance to go for the gold! Participate in all five events throughout this week to maximize your winning chances.  Click here for official contest rules. Feel free to “warm... Continue Reading

compliance olympics

Warm Up for The Compliance Olympics Next Week!

August 3, 2012  |  by Anne

Even from across the pond, the excitement for the 2012 Summer Olympics is contagious!  MRIS has decided to partake in our own version, the Compliance Olympics!  Starting next week, we invite you to participate in multiple “events” consisting of various compliance topics.  Photo uploads, password sharing and status changes are just a few of the events.  Each event will consist of five compliance... Continue Reading

The “House Lawyer” Talks Solving Housing Mess (If Government Stops Helping)

August 2, 2012  |  by Anne

MRIS is excited to announce’s “House Lawyer” and regular real estate columnist, Harvey S. Jacobs, to join as a contributor.  Harvey S. Jacobs is a real estate lawyer in the Rockville office of Joseph, Greenwald & Laake. He is an active real estate investor, developer, landlord and lender.  Read below for a recap of Harvey’s most recent Washington... Continue Reading


Status Update: Keystone Homepage

August 1, 2012  |  by Anne

Yesterday morning we released the new Keystone Homepage but quickly reverted back to the prior Keystone homepage release due to an unexpected data transmission issue between our primary data center and our secondary data center that occurred Monday night.  The data transmission issue interrupted communications between our data centers and is being addressed.   MRIS recognized this issue and proactively responded to... Continue Reading


Have you explored MRIS’ website lately?

August 1, 2012  |  by Anne

Special thanks to Cheryl Ritchie from Huntingtown, MD for sharing this post on Active Rain!  We are happy to hear is a great resource for you – thanks for spreading the word! DC Area Realtors..Have you explored MRIS website lately? by Cheryl Ritchie Oh, Boy. That is all I can say. Sunday is what I call Sun and Surf Day. I surf... Continue Reading

New Distressed Properties Transaction Type Coming Soon!

July 27, 2012  |  by Anne

You know why MRIS customers are so awesome? Because you give us great feedback! As we mentioned in last week’s post, we are making adjustments to improve the way you enter and search for distressed properties.  We understand this may take some time to get used to, but we believe this change was a necessary step in order to create a more consistent way to... Continue Reading

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See How SUNsational an XactSite Website Can Be! Sign Up For This Wednesday’s Webinar

July 23, 2012  |  by Anne

  See for yourself how SUNsational an XactSite website can be!  From maintaining your branding to providing your clients with the best possible search experience, XactSite websites are designed to increase your bottom line without burning through your budget. Don’t miss this chance to heat up your business and enjoy two months free* off any XactSite website!   Join us for the... Continue Reading

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