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Upcoming Keystone Updates: New Rental Fields are Coming

July 2, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

With the next Keystone release, rental property listing agents will be able to describe their rental with the addition of several new rental fields and picklist options. For example, Smoking Allowed and Pets Allowed must be answered Yes or No. You will also be able to fill in the amount of Monthly Pet Rent and Pet Fee. Plus, the new... Continue Reading

Schools Information

Upcoming Keystone Updates: Option to Auto-Populate Schools Information

July 1, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

MRIS Customers will soon be able to auto-populate Schools Information into their listings (if you want to do so). In the next Keystone release, listing agents will have the option to auto-populate the schools information provided to MRIS from an independent third-party source. As a listing agent, you’ll be able to review the information and decide if you want to... Continue Reading


Keystone Definitions on Demand

June 17, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

Here’s a scenario you may have encountered in Keystone: While entering a listing, you come to the field called Cooling System. This listing has cooling so you click on the dropdown to view the picklist choices. What would you do if you don’t know what some of the choices mean? Would you: Phone your manager? Ask someone in your office?... Continue Reading


Upcoming Keystone Enhancements: Field Definitions and More

May 1, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

How many times while entering a listing have you asked, “What does that term mean?” One of the upcoming Keystone enhancements will help answer that question. New enhancements to Keystone will include definitions for nearly every field name and almost every Picklist option. Click the field name label to view a definition. Also, we are focusing on adding more new... Continue Reading


Upcoming Keystone Enhancements: Adding Rooms

April 29, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

One of the most important items that potential buyers want to know about a listing are what rooms are in the house. Think about your shopping habits. If you were shopping on the Internet, you would look at the description of the item to see if it would meet your needs. That is true of listings, too. New Keystone Enhancements... Continue Reading

Taking HD Photos

Upcoming Keystone Enhancements: Photos

April 28, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

Consumers today are often on a digital house hunt. They start their search on the Internet, may drive by before contacting an agent, and may even look at the photos on the App while they are inside the house. Make those photos promote the listing. Use High Resolution photos, select a category, remove the category from the Caption Field and... Continue Reading

Master Bedroom

The Trainer Talks about First Floor Master Bedrooms

April 25, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

Does your listing have a First Floor Master Bedroom? Many buyers may be looking for that feature so be sure to make that information searchable by buyer agents in Matrix. Listing Agents, use these hints to promote the First Floor Master Bedroom in Keystone: 1. Remarks – use words in your Agent/General Remarks, (ex: Main Level Master) that can be... Continue Reading

Short Sales

Discovering Distressed Properties

April 18, 2014  |  by Diane Ives

Are Distressed Properties a part of your market? MRIS is offering the MRIS 103: Discovering Distressed Properties class in the Association Training Rooms starting in May. According to RealtyTrac “…there are still more than 1.2 million properties in the foreclosure process or bank-owned, providing a sizable pool of inventory that the housing market is in the process of absorbing”. Maryland... Continue Reading


It’s Resolution Time

December 30, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

Make your New Year’s Resolution to start using new products from MRIS. New Products include; MRIS Marketing Center and ShowingTime for the MLS. Plan to get ahead of the changes coming in Matrix. Upcoming changes include: Printing, Count on the Fly, The Button Bar, Integrated Mapping, and the ability to alter the shape of the map after you have drawn... Continue Reading

Matrix 5.7 recent searches

Day 11: Recent Searches Menu in Matrix

September 17, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

We’ve all been in situations where we accidentally logged ourselves out of Matrix, been distracted by a phone call and lost the search we’d been working on, or simply lost our Internet connection and had to start all over again. The Recent Searches menu can help to save time, energy, and frustration by allowing you to recall the search with... Continue Reading

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