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About Justin

Justin holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing as well as a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, both from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining MRIS, he spent seven years in the service industry at Cintas Corporation in a variety of roles including management, training, sales, and customer service. Now at MRIS, he is a Training Specialist who educates customers across the entire MRIS footprint on our products and programs.....and loves doing it!

Outside of MRIS, Justin is an avid musician and was formerly the front-man of a successful DC-based rock band for 10 years, producing a number of albums. He enjoys being outdoors hiking, biking, camping, and especially traveling whether it be regionally or across the globe. He is also a sucker for food, board games, and for some reason, spreadsheets.


Experience the New Matrix with Matrix Express!

August 18, 2014  |  by Justin

As part of our efforts to help you prepare for Matrix changes, we invite you to take Matrix Express, our brand new, self-guided learning experience from MRIS-U! This quick 15-minute interactive tutorial is now available on MRIS-U, allowing you to experience the changes in workflow first-hard as you help a client search for a home. After you complete the interactive... Continue Reading

Keystone Homepage

Day 18: Setting Keystone Homepage Preferences

September 26, 2013  |  by Justin

If you’ve ever logged into Keystone, you probably know that, by default, the Keystone Homepage automatically displays “All” of your (or your office’s) listings. Keystone defines “All” as the following statuses: Active, Pending (Contract, CNTG/KO, CNTG/NO KO), and New. You also might know that you can filter down to one of these statuses by simply selecting it from the All... Continue Reading

keystone homepage screen shot

Day 8: Scheduling Your Listings to Submit in Keystone

September 12, 2013  |  by Justin

Here’s a hidden gem in Keystone that might make your life a little easier. Today you’ll learn how to schedule your listings to submit in Keystone. Whenever you make changes to an existing listing, you always need to resubmit it so MRIS can post the newest version of your listing.  However, the new Keystone allows you to submit those changes... Continue Reading

documents icon small

Trainer Talk: Document Management = Time Management

April 2, 2013  |  by Justin

Tired of handling phone calls from buyer agents requesting copies of documents associated with your listing? Frustrated by having to take time out of your day to fax or email these documents over and over again? With MRIS Document Management, you don’t have to deal with that! Provided as a free service for MRIS customers, MRIS Document Management helps both... Continue Reading

Hourglass Timer

Keystone Tip of the Day: The One-Hour Timer

October 26, 2012  |  by Justin

We hope you’ve been enjoying Keystone Tip Week. We have another great question to answer for this week’s final daily tip. MRIS customers want to know: What is the 1 hour countdown timer on the new Keystone Homepage? When you make any changes to an existing listing, you’ll notice your listing now has a 1-hour timer (indicated in red). You... Continue Reading

documents icon small

Keystone Tip of the Day: Uploading Documents to Listings

October 24, 2012  |  by Justin

Welcome to day 3 of New Keystone Homepage tips series! Today’s daily tip provides the answer to this burning question: How do I upload documents to my listing in the new Keystone? The process of uploading documents to your listing in the new Keystone is still done via Document Manager. But now it is even easier to access Document Manager... Continue Reading

Adding Open Houses Screen

Keystone Tip of the Day: Adding Open Houses

October 23, 2012  |  by Justin

Continuing with this week’s New Keystone Homepage daily tip series, we answer the question: How do I add open houses in the new Keystone? The new Keystone Homepage makes it even easier to schedule open houses for your listings. In fact, you can now schedule all your open houses before your initial submission to the MLS! Once you are finished... Continue Reading

View additional listings on Keystone Homepage

Keystone Tip of the Day: Viewing Additional Listings

October 22, 2012  |  by Justin

We hope you are enjoying the new Keystone Homepage and all of the time-saving features. This week we’ve prepared a series of tips based on questions that MRIS Trainers and the Support Center team have recently been asked. Today’s daily tip answers the question: How can I view additional listings on my Keystone Homepage? The new Keystone Homepage will automatically display... Continue Reading

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