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About Kerry

Kerry has been at MRIS for approximately 9 years, starting in the MRIS Support Center, then moving to Product Management, and previously worked in real estate settlements. Kerry has worked on many MRIS products including the transition to Matrix, the redesign, the ActiveAgent products, and most recently the XactSite products and is a certified Product Manager. Kerry’s previous experience in the real estate industry and the MRIS Support Center provides insight into the experience of MRIS’ subscribers. In her spare time Kerry enjoys hiking, volunteering for a Siberian Husky rescue, photography, and reading mysteries. Three things Kerry can't live without are: 1: Her Siberian Husky, Indy, who appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2003 2: Her iPod 3:Her Motorola Droid. Kerry's favorite quote is: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

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Your Clients Are Using Mobile Apps – Do You Have One?

July 23, 2013  |  by Kerry

If you look around, there’s no doubt that people love their mobile devices. Their faces are buried in their screens as they walk, and even drive (scary!). They rely on them to figure out where they want to go and how to get there. Real estate is no different. Today’s consumers (your clients and potential clients) are using their mobile... Continue Reading

Current Location XactSite feature

New XactSite Features Make Your Web Site Xtra Compelling!

June 11, 2013  |  by Kerry

Keep visitors on your site longer, and offer them creative new ways to search with the option to find properties near their location from your XactSite desktop site! Once they are on the search results page, visitors can simply click on the name of the location they are searching to view properties in nearby cities. There is also a new... Continue Reading

Help Find a Dream Home

Be a Mobile Data Hero with MRIS Homes Mobile App

May 28, 2013  |  by Kerry

John and Karen spent last weekend driving around looking at properties. They thought they found the home of their dreams, but when they asked their agent about it, they found out it was already sold! According to a study by NAR and Google, 1 out of 5 real estate searches are happening on mobile devices, and 68% of new home... Continue Reading

MRIS Pro Info

Log In to the MRIS Homes Mobile App to Get the Pro Info!

April 30, 2013  |  by Kerry

Did you know that as an MRIS customer, you can use the MRIS Login in the MRIS Homes mobile app to view full listing information and search all listing statuses? It’s true! Just scroll down to the bottom of the menu and touch the MRIS Login button to get started! Once you use the MRIS Login, the following features will... Continue Reading


Monday Mobile Tip: Look Up Transaction Type on MRIS Homes

January 14, 2013  |  by Kerry

If you are showing properties and a client spots a home across the street that they have questions about, you can quickly and easily look up important information, such as Transaction Type, in the MRIS Homes mobile app! Look up the property in the MRIS Homes app using either the Nearby Sales or Nearby Rentals, or by property address. Then... Continue Reading

MRIS Homes Mobile App

Monday Mobile Tip: Matrix Contacts Button

January 7, 2013  |  by Kerry

MRIS customers, we’ve made a small, but important enhancement to our MRIS Homes mobile app. We heard from many of you that the purpose of the Matrix Contacts button was confusing, so as of today, the Matrix Contacts button has been removed from the MRIS Homes mobile app. Here are some answers to questions you may have: What was the purpose... Continue Reading

MRIS Homes App

Monday Mobile Tip: View Full Listing Information from the MRIS Homes App

December 31, 2012  |  by Kerry

Happy Holidays! MRIS customers can now log in to the MRIS Homes app and view the full listing information! You don’t need to download an update to the app, just open MRIS Homes on your mobile device and run a search. To see the listing information that’s not available to the public, touch the Professional Information heading and log in... Continue Reading

Advanced Search Address Options

Mobile Monday Tip: Search by GPS or Address!

November 26, 2012  |  by Kerry

It’s easy to do a GPS search using the MRIS Homes app – they are the first 3 options on the menu are Nearby Sales, Nearby Rentals, Nearby Open Houses. But what if you want to search for homes in another city using the MRIS Homes App? You can do that by selecting the Advanced Search option on the menu.... Continue Reading

Share MRIS Homes

Mobile Monday Tip: Instantly Share Your MRIS Homes Branded App With Clients!

November 19, 2012  |  by Kerry

Did you know that when you have your own version of the MRIS Homes mobile app branded to you that you can instantly share it with clients? It’s true! Simply install your own agent branded version of the MRIS Homes app on your device (Note: for iPhone, you’ll need to uninstall the MRIS Homes app first). Once you open the... Continue Reading

MRIS Homes Mobile Screenshot

Monday Mobile Tip: Calling Agents With Your Agent-Branded App

November 5, 2012  |  by Kerry

Many of our customers have the MRIS Homes™ Agent Branded mobile app, and here is a question that we’ve been asked: The Agent Branded app sends emails and phone calls to me, so how can I call the listing agent for a property my clients want to see? Once you use the MRIS Login on the main menu and log... Continue Reading

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