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About Mike

Mike Diegelmann is a member of MRIS Product Management, currently assigned as a Product Manager for Tax/Public Records, Data Reorganization, Matrix Assessor Maps and Foreclosures tab and Web Settlement Xpress. Mike has also served in other roles at MRIS as a Technical Support Representative and as the Senior Public Records Data Collector. Mike has been with MRIS since April 1996. Mike draws from previous experiences as a former Realtor and certified real estate legal assistant. Mike is an avid Washington Redskins football fan and a family man who also enjoys playing with the family dog adopted from the local Humane Society.

What three things could Mike not live without? Coffee, Washington Redskins football (One might say that I am a masochist, and like Charlie Brown, I am still waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear. As we Skins fans say, “There is always next year!”), and Spell Check (to counter balance my dyslectic tendencies for reversing letters).

What is Mike’s favorite saying or quotation? From the movie “The Outlaw Jose Wales”, during the early part of the Civil War, the Indian Chief (reflecting on advice given by the government to the oppressed Indian nation) said, "We thought about it for a long time, 'Endeavor to persevere.' And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union."

Question Mark and Exclamation point

We Want to Know Wednesday: How Can We Improve Subsidized Housing in Matrix and Keystone?

January 18, 2012  |  by Mike

Whether its renters, buyers and/or investors, some agents have stated that they are seeing a rise in the number of client requests for Section 8 housing. Section 8 is just one of many types of “subsidized housing” government programs that provide consumers with a means to help make rental payments when searching for affordable housing. We want to know your opinion... Continue Reading

Public Records: Additional Owner field now added thanks to your suggestions!

April 7, 2011  |  by Mike

MRIS goes out of its way to ensure that MRIS real estate public records information is as accurate, timely, and comprehensive as possible.   Just recently, an MRIS customer requested display of second owner information in the MRIS D.C. public records. Now the MRIS Matrix Tax tab information displays the “Additional Owner” information at the top left corner of the MRIS... Continue Reading

Check Out What’s New In Web Settlement Xpress!

February 25, 2011  |  by Mike

As the Web Settlement Xpress Product Manager, I am happy to share with you some recent updates to Web Settlement Xpress! To start, look through the updated Help tab to find user-friendly and easy-to-follow versions of the “Quick Reference Guide” and “Cross Reference Guide”. A new auto-populate feature is available in Web Settlement Xpress. In the Sellers tab, add a... Continue Reading

public records image duplicate

“We Want to Know Wednesday” – How useful is our Public Records Page to you?

February 23, 2011  |  by Mike

Did you know that the new MRIS website has a Public Records Page with a wealth of information accessible to MRIS customers?  Upon logging into the new site, you will see “Public Records” in the “MRIS Customers” dropdown.  In the Public Records Page list on the left hand side, you have Public Records Data Status, a ready resource to check... Continue Reading

Tax Data

June 15, 2010  |  by Mike

I have been thinking about real estate public records tax data lately. Before becoming a product manager, I spent nine years in the MRIS Data Management Department bringing tax data collection in-house and looking for ways to provide the most timely and accurate information available. We started out with a very limited number of fields from outsourced data collection.  Now... Continue Reading

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