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An Appraiser’s Take On The Value Of Green Homes

August 15, 2016  |  by MRIS Guest

As the demand for eco-friendly homes increases MRIS plans to keep pace with the expectations of consumers and agents when it comes to marketing and listing ‘green’ homes. We reached out to Beth L. Riedel, a Maryland-based appraiser and President of the Maryland Association of Appraisers, to get her thoughts on how appraisers and agents can best support this growing niche.... Continue Reading

Smart Home Features

How To Help Agents Become Well-Versed In Smart Home Technology

January 4, 2016  |  by MRIS Guest

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of the REAL Trends Newsletter and is reprinted with permission of REAL Trends Inc. Copyright 2015. Author: Travis Saxton, Vice President of Technology.  I recently wrote an article for our TechTouch e-newsletter that discussed the massive growth of smart-home technology and how it relates to the Lily Pad Effect. In a nutshell, the premise of the article was that... Continue Reading

Green Living

New Tool for Valuing and Marketing the Energy Efficient Home

October 16, 2015  |  by MRIS Guest

By Julie “JP” Hawkins What’s the new shiny object home buyers are interested in these days? The hot new item according to a wealth of national information is energy efficiency. From the sale of ENERGY STAR appliances to the purchase of wifi thermostats, homeowners are buying products which increase their home’s efficiency, and buyers are looking for them. Energy efficiency... Continue Reading

Local Search Marketing

REAL Trends: Key Ingredients for a Neighborhood Strategy

July 23, 2014  |  by MRIS Guest

Let’s talk about the best strategies for structuring your hyper-local website. Written by Travis Saxton, REAL Trends manager of technology and marketing. With so many brokers and agents fighting for competitive ranking and position on the search engines, the landscape has become very complex. I recently left a client who was seeing me for the second time in three years... Continue Reading


Photo Tips: Choosing the Right Tripod

June 4, 2014  |  by MRIS Guest

Interested in tips for taking professional looking listing photos? Here’s another great post from Jason LaVanture, Vice-President and Founder of RTV, Inc. When it comes to taking professional looking real estate photography, having a stable camera and a solid tripod is crucial. The cost of a tripod really depends on the name brand, features, and quality of material used. Technically... Continue Reading


The Eyes Have It – Why Great Shots Are So Important

February 12, 2014  |  by MRIS Guest

Continuing with this week’s “Show Your Listings Some Love” theme, here’s another great post on the use of photography and virtual tours to market your property, written by Jason LaVanture, Vice-President and Founder of RTV, Inc. First impressions are everything when it comes to real estate listings and home photography. Researchers have been using eye-tracking measurements to determine how home... Continue Reading

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6 Tips for Interior Photography

January 17, 2014  |  by MRIS Guest

Today’s post is written by Jason LaVanture, Vice-President and Founder of RTV, Inc. When it comes to taking amazing looking photographs for your real estate listings and virtual tours, interior shots are some of the most important ones to get right so that your listings look professional and clean. If you are just getting into photography and are looking for... Continue Reading


Real Estate Photography and Lighting Tips

November 22, 2013  |  by MRIS Guest

Today’s post is written by Jason LaVanture, Vice-President and Founder of RTV, Inc. Taking professional looking real estate photography is important when creating a visually stunning real estate listing or a 360 virtual tour. If you are a beginner with photography and camera equipment, then you may not be familiar with lighting and how to capture it the right way.... Continue Reading


Professional Real Estate Photography: Why You Need It

August 28, 2013  |  by MRIS Guest

Welcome to Day 3 of Photo Week! The following post is written by Marissa Ferraraccio, Marketing Specialist for TruPlace (formerly Mouse on House). According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, over 90% of potential buyers are looking at listings online before physically visiting a property. Almost as staggering, 88% of those buyers want... Continue Reading


Staging a Home: First Impressions Are Everything

August 27, 2013  |  by MRIS Guest

Welcome to Photo Week Day 2! Today’s post is written by Jason LaVanture, Vice-President and Founder of RTV, Inc. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “first impressions are everything” but may have never thought too much of it. For those in the virtual tour business, this saying is definitely true when you are trying to market any piece of... Continue Reading

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