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10 ideas to steal for customer retention and loyalty

June 16, 2010  |  by Marie

 Hey it’s me!  Hey guys!  Hey me again!  Just wanted to say hi!  Do your retention campaigns sound something like this?  If so, stop immediately.  Sorta like if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it; if you don’t have something valuable to say, don’t say it.  The quickest way to lose your audience’s attention is to communicate just for the sake of communicating.  In real estate the time between transactions can be very long, so staying in touch in a meaningful, non-intrusive way is important.  Here’s some ideas to steal or ignore or inspire.

1. Provide great service. 

2. Thank you cards, a simple thank you goes a long way, send thank you notes to all involved

3.  Get a Facebook page, friend your customers and comment on their page.  You don’t have to be annoying about this, commenting on every single status update, and don’t limit your comments to just big events (like a new baby) you’ll get lost in the crowd.  But if they post a pic of their kid comment every now and again how cute the kid is, or if they go somewhere or do something you like, tell them so through a comment.

4.  Create targeted newsletters on your area or areas.   You know where everyone lives, why not target them with a quarterly email newsletter about the neighborhood and area.  Focus on entertainment things to do, etc.

5.  Create a fast facts campaign.  Help your clients keep up-to-date on the housing market in general and specific to their area, without having to wade through a ton of research.  Pull stats that are interesting and relevant to them and deliver them monthly via text, email, snail male, whatever you choose, or give them the option of picking from all three.  Check out MRIS research and stats to help feed your campaign.

6. If you are going to buy gifts or premiums be unique and get something they will actually use (and not give to the kids).   Find out something about your customers and buy something thoughtful.  No more stress balls!

7.  Events, golfing, wine tasting, spa day.  Have an annual event for past clients, make it fun!

8. Survey, not only will you get great feedback, but it also shows that you care what they think.  This is a great opportunity to solicit recommendations on LinkedIn, Facebook, or your website, and ask for referrals.

9.  Create a contest.  Best house makeover, most beautifully decorated room, just as some starter ideas.  (If you run a contest be sure to follow all your local laws

10. Join stuff and get involved.  Sports teams, networking groups, activity groups, church, HOA, PTA, whatever it is you like to do, do it, and make sure you tell them what you do if they aren’t already your customers.




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