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2 Hacker Networks Busted! But You’re Not Safe from Them Yet!

June 6, 2014  |  by Garry

We encourage you to run security scans on your machines ASAP.

Cyber SecurityTwo hacker networks were seized by law enforcement this week and along with security experts – they are recommending that you scan your computers in no later than two weeks. This is the timing of when the experts believe the infected computers will initiate their cyber-attacks on other computers around the world.

If you have already been infected – your personal information may have already been compromised. Scanning and updating will ensure your computers have not been and will not be infected by those networks.

The fact of the matter and the best practice is that you actually scan your systems no less than once a week and make sure that security programs are always running and up to date.

Updates to your security programs should be made daily. In most cases, security companies release daily updates called signature files. These signature files know and understand the signature of the thousands of new malware released daily and will protect your systems from them.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that the sky is not falling on us and will not be if we always follow best practices while we are computing. Always update your operating systems, security software and often change your passwords. Use firewalls, use different passwords at different sites, make sure your WiFi hardware has strong and encrypted passwords and never share confidential information. Always think on it before you click on it.

The Game Over Zeus malware (GOZ), usually enters your systems via spam or phishing. GOZ can steal personal information from your systems and also aide in cyber-attacks on other computers. This malware is known to have stolen up to 1 million financial records in Europe. 13 percent of infected machines are in the US. If you recall one of my past posts on the Ransomeware CryptoLocker – GOZ is associated with the malware and possibly the same cyber criminals. CryptoLocker took control of computers, encrypted files on them and would not release that encryption until funds were paid to the criminals.

Folks – I’ve seen CryptoLocker in action – it is not a fun experience to be infected with any of this.

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (USCERT), in the Department of Homeland Security, is one of our favorite sources for dependable information to the public, they have posted a list of programs you should use to scan your systems. Find the post at USCERT –

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One response to “2 Hacker Networks Busted! But You’re Not Safe from Them Yet!”

  1. john jerikian says:

    This is extremely valuable information that certainly jolted me to a heightened awareness level.
    thank you.

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