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5 Ways to Boost Your Online Marketing with REsource Real Estate Content

May 20, 2013  |  by RISMedia

Combine our technology-driven world and today’s evolving real estate market and you have a good recipe for one overwhelmed real estate professional.

In addition to the daily challenges of listing and selling properties, you now have the added must-do’s of keeping your website up to date, blogging, creating and posting to your social media pages and sending mailers. What are you going to blog about? What types of information should you post to social media pages? And where are you going to get the content?

RISMedia’s REsource real estate licensed content solution can provide answers to all of these questions and more with its media platform that offers access to an archive of thousands of real estate-focused articles and videos of interest to both consumers (B2C) and business professionals (B2B) via RISMedia’s vast content library.

Whether it’s compelling business development or how-to articles or videos of critical interest to your home buyers and sellers, you’ll find topics of all real estate interests in REsource’s comprehensive article and video library. Content is refreshed daily so that the information remains timely, relevant, and impactful for populating your website, blog, newsletters and even your print marketing materials.

Here are five ways REsource can help boost your online marketing efforts:

  • Enhance your existing web apps and create ongoing, fresh sources of content that you can upload to your website.
  • Download and localize or edit content so that it is unique and includes your local market information.
  • Publish articles to your blog automatically using the Remote Publish tool, which creates fresh content whenever you want it.
  • Stay social by downloading and posting REsource content on your social media sites.
  • Enhance your SEO (search engine optimization) value with unique tagline information about you, appearing with every article.

REsource was created in response to readers’ need for access to the industry’s leading real estate content from RISMedia.

REsource offers the largest database of real estate-related articles and video content, as well as the most affordable, user-friendly and leading-edge technology platform that enables you to maximize usage of the information.

To learn more about REsource, visit or email REsource customer service.

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