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6 Tips for Interior Photography

January 17, 2014  |  by MRIS Guest

Today’s post is written by Jason LaVanture, Vice-President and Founder of RTV, Inc.

Click here to view larger.When it comes to taking amazing looking photographs for your real estate listings and virtual tours, interior shots are some of the most important ones to get right so that your listings look professional and clean. If you are just getting into photography and are looking for some great tips for your upcoming shoots, then this short but helpful article will help you out. Interior photography may at first sound easy, but can actually be quite challenging considering exposures and mixed lighting.

Here are 6 tips for interior photography:

1. Try Different Perspectives – Taking multiple shots from different angles while focusing on the main aspects of a room will help you capture the best photos. You will also have a variety of images to choose from afterwards.

2. Use Correct Lighting – The goal is to make sure your photos are balanced with light and that there are no over or under-lit spots. Make good use of the natural light that is available inside, turn off lamps, play with shades, and test out the different types of lighting until you get a nice natural look in the shot. Natural and soft light is the best for interior photography and can usually be achieved during early morning or late afternoons.

3. Use A Wide Angle Lens (Can be VERY expensive but worth it!!) – Using a wide angle lens for smaller rooms such as bathrooms can be very useful when trying to capture the entire setting.

4. Stage Your Shots – Make room in the area so that the photos look clean and organized. Less clutter will provide you with better professional looking photos. Rearrange accessories to focus on certain areas within the shot.

5. Keep Your Photos Straight – To prevent blur in your images, use a solid tripod and test out a timer to prevent any shaking and blurring. You want to make sure your photography is sharp and within focus.

6. Know Your Aperture – If you are shooting close-ups or focusing on certain objects in a space, it is very important to know how to use your aperture. The smaller your aperture number, the shallower your depth of field. The larger your aperture, the more in focus and sharp everything will be within the photo. Click here to read more about aperture.

To become an excellent real estate photographer, you will need to invest time into learning both the basics and advanced skills but the more you photograph, the better you will become. Keep testing out different methods and settings until you are familiar with your camera and the presets that work best for you and your photography.

Finally always remember that you can hire a professional for your virtual tour photography anytime from us here at RTV, Inc.

Editor’s Note: Those are some great tips for interior shots! Don’t forget that you can upload your high quality photos into Keystone and use them for creating stunning marketing materials with the MRIS Marketing Center!

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