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7 1/2 Takeaways from Inman Connect San Fran Day 1

July 27, 2011  |  by Marie

I’ve had a busy but productive day one here at Inman Connect in San Fran, lots of great conversation and speakers.  I even had the pleasure of flying here with the World Series trophy, which was on its way home after visiting the White House.  Apparently this trophy knows how to travel in style, as it had its own seat, a nice comfy blanket, all in first class.  So without further adieu, 7 1/2 takeaways from day one:

1. How can real estate professionals capitalize on the trend of location social sites like foursquare?  It’s not about checking in and letting people know where you are.  The more effective strategy is to “own” your neighborhood, use these sites as a platform to deliver unexpected, relevant, interesting and fun content to engage your consumers (check out foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook places, Yelp and Foodspotting)

2. Who is running some of the most successful companies? Product visionaries, think Facebook, Google and Twitter.  Their leaders are laser focused on their product and improving it for their customers.  What’s your product?  Are you consistently focused on improving that?

3. We have tools and resources available to us to gain deep, actionable insights about our consumers (especially from social media). Listen to your customers and optimize your marketing and advertising.  Change your message and customize for your audience.

4. Our conversations about Facebook (and social media) have evolved, this is good.  The process for entering the space remains the same.  Determine and formulate your strategy, create your page and your content, build your community (a real community not just your mom and dad), then start testing and investing in social advertising.

5. There is a place for listings on social media, and that is Facebook Marketplace, beyond that they are not relevant.

6. Rating tools and testimonials are often viewed as “gamed” and losing their value.  What’s more powerful?  Your customers recommending you to their social circles.  The word of mouth referral moved online.

7. Marketing strategies are not templates.  If you can’t write, blogging won’t work for you.  If you clam up on camera, a video staring you isn’t the best tactic.  If your customers aren’t on Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Foursqure/etc why waste your time there?

7 1/2.  San Francisco weather is nothing short of amazing.  I’m working on a way to sell it to the DMV and save us from the 100+ degree days in Julys.

That’s all for now!  For more Inman insights check out #ICSF on Twitter!

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