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A Fresh Look at “View As”

March 2, 2015  |  by Diane Ives

View As in MatrixAre you using the View As feature in Matrix?

The View As feature in Matrix can save you lots of time scouring through past emails to try to figure out which listings you’ve emailed to your client, and whether or not the client has viewed them.

View As allows you to see the date emailed, read, and how many times your client has looked at a listing sent via Matrix Email+.

To use View As for a contact, the Contact must be included in your Matrix Contacts, and you must have sent listings to this contact, either directly or through auto email using Matrix Email+.

From any search, click the Refine button. Use the drop down in the View As field to select the contact name. You’ll be able to see the date the listing was emailed. If you want to see additional information, look in the top right corner and find the Display drop down menu, then select System Summary-Customer. Now you can see the date the listing was emailed, the last viewed date, and the number of times viewed.

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3 responses to “A Fresh Look at “View As””

  1. Rani C says:

    What does it mean when the "Last Viewed" date comes BEFORE the date the listing was emailed? Your example shows that exact scenario. Does that status refer to an earlier email containing the listing that the client opened? I am confused.

  2. Mark Novak says:

    Rani, that gives you a good reason to call your client. Now you have an opportunity to reach out and say hey, a property you looked at a couple weeks ago just reduced the price to …

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