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A Growing Niche For Real Estate Agents

May 22, 2013  |  by Ellen

Real estate agents have often found success by specializing in certain submarkets such as specific neighborhoods or people buying a home for the first time but what about the unique set of skills required to work with sellers who are also going through a divorce?

The New York Times reports on what it takes to manage two people who aren’t on speaking terms or are only willing to communicate through their lawyers. Besides having to explain everything two separate times, agents might also be called upon to add more clothes to the empty side of the closet or do some housecleaning when the spouse who is reluctant to sells leaves a mess in an effort to thwart anyone from making an offer. It can take an extra level of discretion, knowledge of tax rules for married versus divorced sellers, and a deep reserve of patience just to get to closing.

Has anyone out there had to go to great lengths when working with divorced sellers? Please share your story in the comments (without giving away anyone’s identity, of course).

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2 responses to “A Growing Niche For Real Estate Agents”

  1. My niche is working with divorcing couples. 98% of my business comes from working in this field. The skill set needed to work this kind of transaction is partly learned and partly an inherent understanding of what people going through a dramitic and emotional strain need. The agents working in this niche also need to have a clear understanding of the process of divorce and the laws. There are cases that are in litigation, collaborative or mediation and knowing the differences is paramount in selling the marital home. In addition a strong relationship with the attorneys is necessary. It is a great business but not one to be taken lightly. It is a business of being part counselor and part Realtor.

  2. You have to be especially careful when handling this type of transaction. You have to think twice about transmitting any information which might be taken out of context. And you will need excellent negotiation sills. It can be a good business as there are often 2 or more transactions involved.

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