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An Inside Look at MRIS from This Agent’s Perspective

February 23, 2012  |  by Scott

Good day my friends, my name is Scott Saghirian and I am the Manager of Client and Association Alliances here at MRIS.

Prior to joining MRIS I was a full time real estate agent in Maryland. I must admit, in the hectic life that is real estate, I didn’t discover everything there was to know about MRIS. Sure I logged in to Matrix almost daily, had automatic searches set up for my buyers, and utilized Keystone for my listings. But now that I have an inside perspective I realize how much I missed.

So today I would like to bring your attention to some things you may not be aware of and encourage you to take action in order to help your business.

  • MRIS direction is driven by YOU and our Realtor Shareholders Organizations: Did you know that your local board of Realtors are shareholders of MRIS? This is important because your needs are represented heavily by these organizations who have a say (vote) in the direction of our company. My recommendation is to get involved with your local board. At the very least, please send us your suggestions directly. Last year we implemented over 80% of your top wish list items, and the other 20% is currently in development. We survey our customers regularly and your opinion does count!
  • Agent Productivity and Success is at the foundation of everything we do: You may be surprised to know how many meetings are held where YOUR NAME and YOUR BUSINESS is brought up. Daily I hear conversations that start with “Our Subscribers want…” or “Our Agents Need…”  As a real estate agent coming to MRIS I am overjoyed to witness this culture. Over the coming months you will see enhancements to Keystone designed to make you more productive and successful. We also have some exciting additions like a coordinated property showing system that works with your method of scheduling and an embedded marketing platform for your listings. What’s important here is that we are constantly reinvesting in our core products without increasing your costs.
  • MRIS offers some amazing products and features that will set you apart from your competition: This topic could be its own blog post but for now let me point out just a few. The first that comes to mind is our market statistics company Real Estate Business Intelligence (RBI).  It’s important to be a market expert, and the reports you can generate can be used for your buyer consultations, your listing presentations, and in your marketing and lead generating efforts. Next, I highly recommend you take a look at our XactSite suite of products. To stay competitive you need an IDX solution that satisfies today’s tech savvy consumers. This should include dynamic map searching, community information, and smartphone and tablet compatibility. I would ask, does your website provide that now?
  • It’s easy to stay in the know: So I admitted earlier that I wasn’t in tune with everything MRIS was doing when I was a full time agent. Let me make some suggestions so this doesn’t happen to you. If you are reading this blog post you are already one step ahead. Make sure you subscribe via email to get future posts. Don’t forget MRIS-U where you can find  classroom training, live webinars, our student guides, and pre-recorded video tutorials. We have a Facebook Page too, and our help desk is staffed with knowledgeable representatives always willing to help.

Lastly, the most important thing this agent has learned since joining MRIS is that we value a personal connection with our customers and feel that the better we know you, the better our products and services will match your needs. My team makes it easy to request an office visit on our website and we welcome the opportunity to speak at your next meeting. Last year we attended over 800 events including office visits, broker events, association events, and industry tradeshows. Make sure we visit your office in 2012 for updates and a chance to hear directly from you.

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13 responses to “An Inside Look at MRIS from This Agent’s Perspective”

  1. Phuong Nguyen says:

    Where is the information coming from? Is it completely accurat?

    • MRIS_Scott says:

      Thanks Phuong for your comment. Can you be more specific about your question so I can provide the best answer? Thanks!

  2. Jeanie Prochaska says:


    Congratulations on the new position! Over a year ago, an MRIS Help Desk representative mentioned to me during a call that major improvements were coming for Web Settlement Express due to agent questions and issues. Is that true, and if so, when? Sure would like a more user-friendly and intuitive tool… Thanks.

    • MRIS_Scott says:

      Thanks Jeanie for your comment, it's great to hear from you! You have good questions about Web Settlement Express and I think our product managers can speak best to the roadmap of the product. Your input is very valuable so thanks for brigning this up. I will investigate and report back.

      • MRIS_Scott says:


        I checked with our product group and they tell me there will be incremental enhancements to Web Settlement Express over time. The core program and workflow will probably stay the same for now since our major focus this year is Keystone upgrades. Would you like to set up an office visit to review the product again? There are some tip's and tricks that may help you out. We also have some virtual classes we offer on the product if that works better for you.

  3. Joe says:

    Hi Scott,

    I am a member of an MLS in SC called Paragon (also an MRIS member locally). Paragon has a feature for agents on their listings that show how many "hits" their listings receive for both agent hits and public hits.

    I find this extremely valuable for pricing and marketing decisions. It's not just displayed for listing agents – any agent can view the hit counts on each listing. Therefore it is also valuable for buyer agents to see what level of activity a property has before deciding on what price to offer.

    I have asked MRIS about adding this feature several times over the years. Can you tell us if it is a feature that we will see at some point with MRIS?

    What would be even more valuable would be if the agent had these hit counts and could click on them and see the dates of the hit counts. That could indicate how hot (or cold) the listing is / was at a given point.


    • MRIS_Scott says:


      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I will make sure these ideas are shared again. Analytics that work for all subscribers would add value. I can't speak to our future products but I will engage our product group with these ideas and report back.

    • MRIS_Scott says:

      Joe, I just wanted to check back in to let you know that I have had good discussions with our product group about new ways to provide additional analytics for your listings. Along with what ListHub provides, we are investigating ways to give you details on activity in Matrix such as how many times your listing showed up on search results, how often the listing detail was viewed, and how often the user looked at photo's. We have a lot of changes planned and appreciate your valuable input on this topic.

  4. Harry Moore says:

    I agree with Joe that MRIS should have some means for the listing agent to see how many hits a listing is getting, not sure that I agree with the part about other agents being able to get that info though. We can get data about hits from just about every other portal that we use to market our listings, but not from the most important one of all, it is very 20th century.
    Also, I wonder if there is a way to link video tours to our listings. If not, there should be.

    • MRIS_Scott says:


      Thank you for adding your opinion on the Joe's comments on listing hit analytics. We value so much when our members bring forth ideas such as these.

      • MRIS_Scott says:

        Harry, I just replied to Joe on this topic and wanted to respond to you as well. Thanks again for your thoughts on these topics. I had good discussions with our product group on new ways of providing valuable insights to agents such as statistics on the number of times your listing is viewed or displayed in search results. Our goal is to constantly add value to your core products and we appreciate your feedback very much.

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