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Announcing Major Enhancements To rbiEXPERT

March 21, 2014  |  by Ellen

We can finally unveil a project that we have been working on for months and that our customers have been asking for since long before then.

Up until today, rbiEXPERT users could only find data for locations at the county level or the zip code level, but nowhere in between.

Well now, with our latest improvements, any rbiEXPERT subscriber can search for data at two new levels: cities and subdivisions. The data for county and zip code regions isn’t going anywhere, you can still find that too, but now not only can you drill down as far as you would like, you can also drill back up to your choice of several different levels. For example, an agent can find data for locations as small as Fairfax Station, Virginia to as large as Fairfax, Virginia. And, naturally, you can compare both of those locales to the numbers from Fairfax County, Virginia.

We have added 600 new cities to our search function and over 7,500 subdivisions. These subdivisions are broken into two groups—4,100 “advertised” subdivisions and 3,500 “legal” subdivisons. The difference between the two is simply “advertised” is the name consistent with what the general population uses and “legal” is based on the tax records. In other words, the former is what can be edited in the MLS and the latter is what can’t.

New Change Location BarThis enhancement also means we were able to change the search bar so it can keep up with the thousands of new data points now in the system. Previously the user had to select from several drop down menus to get to the needed information. As of today, however, all a user has to do is start typing the first few letters of what they are looking for and a menu of choices will start to appear. Below is the example of Rockville, where typing the word in the search bar brings up a choice of twelve different subdivisions, four zip codes, or the city itself. The new Change Location bar, is available to ALL users of the RBI website, not just rbiEXPERT subscribers.

Here are a few more points to know:

  • Subdivisions had to have averaged at least six sales in the past year in order to be included.
  • You can still search by zip code. Just type the numbers in the search box. Or type in the first few letters of the city or subdivision and the list of all the zip codes that are in that location will appear.
  • You can compare different cities to one another with the Geo Compare function. We are working on rolling out the ability to compare subdivisions to one another so stay tuned for an announcement when that becomes available.
  • Some subdivisions cross City Names/Zip Codes due to how the subdivision was built over the years. Also, subdivision names are not unique and the best way to represent them was to include the city name with each.

If you’re not an rbiEXPERT subscriber, you can try rbiEXPERT before you buy! Test drive rbiEXPERT and these new location types FREE for 14 days. Sign up today by clicking here. If you cancel your account before the trial period expires, your credit card will not be charged.

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2 responses to “Announcing Major Enhancements To rbiEXPERT”

  1. Kevin Koitz says:

    With all due respect, it's about time but it's appreciated. To be clear I say this with endearment but I cancelled RBI because they wouldn't go granular enough. I applaud RBI on this first step, and hope, as requested RBI will continue to innovate to include parameters the agent can set by polygon, radius. Thanks all.

  2. This will be a wonderful and overdue tool and will save much precious time if the parameters in fact are accurate.

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