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Are All-Inclusive Sales On The Uptick?

July 29, 2013  |  by Ellen

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal looked at the increasing trend of buyers wanting to buy all of a house’s contents during a home purchase—and not just your standard issue contract for furniture and artwork that conveys with the sale, but the shower curtains, kitchen sponges, and, in one case, two jars filled with M&Ms. Called ‘all-inclusive sales’, these scenarios bring much more meaning to the phrase ‘turnkey purchase’.

The level of detail these sales require is enormous, with one agent spending six hours photographing and itemizing the 150 pieces that would transfer to the new owner. Many of these buyers are moving to the US from overseas and don’t want to have to wait until their furniture arrives from a container shipment. Or in the case of another couple, they had a baby on the way so they didn’t want to spend time furnishing a house.

The examples cited in the Journal article center around New York and some West Coast locales, but we want to know about the area MRIS serves. What are you seeing in your local markets? Do you have buyers who want everything in the house to convey? Any buyers out there willing to go all in for a jar of M&Ms? Go here to read the full article and see a sample checklist of some of the unusual items that conveyed in one of the houses mentioned in the article. 

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4 responses to “Are All-Inclusive Sales On The Uptick?”

  1. @mdsuburbs says:

    Oh yeah. It's not quite as detailed as the bowls of M&Ms but some buyers want the furniture in the house and some sellers would prefer to sell the house without having to move all the furniture. This is not upscale stuff,either. As long as it conveys without any additional cost.

    I'd be interested in how to work a deal where there might be high end stuff. Obviously, an appraiser isn't going to add value for personal property and no lender would bump up the mortgage to pay for it. I guess the buyer needs to make a separate arrangement with the seller? Interesting scenario.

  2. Ritu Desai says:

    All inclusive our common with our new construction model home sale that builder is willing to price into the home. Apart from that not many all inclusive.

  3. Brilliant! (Sarcastic) Please be advised personal property is not considered in the appraised value.

  4. Sam Hankin says:

    I believe that the buyer and seller would have to execute a separate contract and bill of sale for personal property which conveys in addition to the purchase contract for the real property. It isn't that difficult to do.

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