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Are You Using Yahoo! Email?

July 11, 2013  |  by Jess

Our email marketing service provider has made us aware that Yahoo! is going to begin deactivating accounts that have not been accessed for over a year starting next Monday, July 15.

We ran a report to determine how many MRIS customers with a email address have not opened or clicked on an email from us within the past year. As a courtesy to customers who might be affected, we sent a brief email to make sure that they are still checking that account so it would not be one of those deactivated.

However, in doing this, we realized that many of you may have a email address you use that isn’t connected to our email list. If you have a account that you want to keep but haven’t logged into lately, take a couple of minutes and log in before next Monday to ensure that your Yahoo! account stays active.

While Yahoo! focuses on the positive of “Hey, you may be able to get [yourname] as your email address,” this also means that if you’ve been inactive for more than 365 days, you could lose your address to someone else. Click here to read the Yahoo! blog post.

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