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Authentisign: Coming Soon

September 23, 2011  |  by Anne

Coming Soon!  Sign, seal and deliver signatures electronically with  Authentisign, brought to you by MRIS.  Authentisign is only a couple of weeks away, so start learning about this product and be on the lookout for the special MRIS customer rate.  

Authentisign will save you time and money because you are traveling less to obtain signatures.  Benefits of Authentisign include:

  • “DRAG & DROP” signing blocks
  • Compliant and approved by the FHA
  • Automatically routes documents
  • MAC and PC Compatible
  • Use virtually any type of file

It is easy to use and was created especially for you!  Keep watching the blog to learn more about Authentisign.


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55 responses to “Authentisign: Coming Soon”

  1. John says:

    Special MRIS price? Free??

    • Michele says:

      Did anyone discuss whether or not it will integrate with ZipForms?

      • MRIS_Adam says:

        Authentisign is compatible with Zipforms, Instanet Forms, and any other Forms Product that generates electronic documents (i.e. Word and PDF documents).

  2. MRIS_CMO says:

    John, thanks for your interest. We plan to market this thru your Association or, in some cases, Brokerage. We will also make it available on an individual basis. It's not free, but will be offered at an attractive annual cost that is very competitive with other e-sign services. And this service will be integrated with other MRIS offerings, to make it even easier to use.

    • jeffannis says:

      Has Authentisign solved the fundamental problem with multipage multisignature multiuser documents? Are there prebuilt templates?

      Docusign is a pain in the mouse to use. Each siggy block requires "move click move select drag click scroll back up repeat." There are 4 initial blocks on each page of the 10 page Regional Contract, plus 4 signature blocks on the last page. That's 44 sequenses of mousercise just for the first ten pages. Then there are the addendums which each have multiple initials and signatures. In a 35 to 60 page contract, that is too much work for one time use that needs recreating when somebody prints it and faxes it back. Brilliant marketing and customer service is nice, but first SOLVE THE PROBLEM, then give us a useful e-siggy tool.

      • MRIS_Adam says:

        Jeff, you sound like you are an experienced e-signature product user, like me. I am familiar with the "mousercise" challenges you described. Dragging and re-sizing can be tiring. With the Authentisign e-signature tool you'll be able to add initials to multiple pages at the same time. This is one reason, among many, that MRIS selected Authentisign over the other e-signature tools. As an experienced real estate professional, I know how time consuming it can be to collect all of the required signatures and initials on our contract forms. With Authentisign you’ll be able to get offers signed and delivered much faster.

  3. Looking forward to checking it out!

  4. Ginger Allen says:

    Will clients be able to complete the signing process via smart phone?

    • Jamie Mason says:

      I have been using Authentisign (offered through my broker) for a little over a week, and I have a client who signed from her iPhone.

      • Ginger Allen says:

        Thanks Jamie! I've been using DocuSign for a year and love it! I hope Authentisign has the same features and at least the same or lower pricing. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  5. Chris Laurence says:

    Please communicate this to the banks' short sale and foreclosure departments. I recently had an FHA short sale contract, all electronically signed by both parties, rejected by Wells Fargo because it was their policy not to accept them, even though the contract was to go to HUD (who approve electronic signatures) for short sale approval. We need 100% acceptance from third parties.

  6. Leigh Diggs says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Chris. I have encountered the same problem with the banks and it not only pertains to properties requiring third party approval, but for regular sales as well. Loan officers are also refusing to accept ratified contracts with electronic signature. Most likely, this is due to the policy of the institution for whom they are working.

  7. Ryan says:

    My broker offers this at a discount. It crashes, does not print with the signatures even though they show up on the screen. It omits important information like the client's name, etc. If I try this, will I be able to get a refund if it doesn't work.?

  8. Arturo says:

    I'll be happy to be part of it !!

  9. Keller Williams is including electronic signatures in their e-Edge bundle. As a KW agent I get Contact Management, Marketing, Transaction management with e-signatures etc for only $15 a month. For this to be attractive to many agents it must be much less than that.

    • Greg says:

      yes but eEdge is a poorly constructed program… slow and loops are poorly thought out and the software is obviously comprised of multiple vendor parts that do NOT work well together,. I am a KW agent and still use zipforms/relay which is a much better product.

  10. Frank says:

    Doesn’t NVAR now offer this for free as part of their dues benefits?

    • MRIS_Anne says:

      Hi Frank, great question! Right now NVAR is offering Authentisign at a reduced rate for its members – only $30 for a one-year subscription. To learn more about the reduced rate, visit:…. In the next few weeks, Authentisign may be available to multiple associations at a reduced rate. Be on the lookout for more information from your local association.

  11. Frank says:

    Also folks PLEASE BEWARE: In the event you miss a small payment (waiting on a closing etc…) for this service ($15?) MRIS will shut your business down. No database access, no autosearches to clients, no website or idx etc.. If you have those addons with MRIS.

    It is their policy. Even if you are current with subscription dues!

    Really no incentive to buy addons with MRIS then potentially jeopardize your entire business, hinged on our database which is the ONLY one available to us. Especially when so many other providers have these solutions.

    Beware. Please.

  12. Latana says:

    Looking forward to seeing this new benifits and seeing the cost!!!
    Thanks for always adding more.

    • MRIS_Anne says:

      Thanks, Latana! We are always looking for new ways to improve your business. Be on the the lookout for more great info Authentisign in the coming weeks!

  13. Debra says:

    Docusign is free through NAR!

  14. Keji says:

    Docusign is not free… at least the last time I checked

  15. Valerie says:

    Will this integrate with Zipforms?

    • Gregg D says:

      Valerie — Just wanted to make sure you received a response. While we do not directly integrate with Zipforms (we integrate with InstanetForms) When you 'type up' a Zipform(s) export it to PDF. That PDF can be uploaded into Authentisign and prepared for online signing.
      Please let me know if you have follow up questions or how we can best assist you getting started.

  16. Currently the price is $30/annual. The "free" Docusign is good for 5 envelopes a month.

    • Thu says:

      I paid $15 a month with Docusign. I currently have Authentisign for $30 a year. So far, no problems with the service.

  17. Guest says:

    Authentisign is offered FREE to members of CVRMLS (Richmond, VA) too bad MRIS intends to charge a fee for it.

  18. Gay Ashley says:

    I also would like to know if it will work with zipform, please.

    • Gregg D says:

      Gay — Just wanted to make sure you received a direct response. While we do not directly integrate with Zipforms (we integrate with InstanetForms) When you 'type up' a Zipform(s) export it to PDF. That PDF can be uploaded into Authentisign and prepared with initials and signatures for online signing.
      Please let me know if you have follow up questions or how we can best assist you getting started.

  19. Fred says:

    It's supposed to work with all file types. It works with Instanet Forms (offered FREE by CVRMLS) which can generate PDFs.

  20. MRIS_Anne says:

    Hi folks – thanks for all the great response to this post! Let me check with the product management team to get an answer about Zipform compatibility.

  21. Bill says:

    We have a product "Coming Soon!" and it's not known if it's ZipForm compatible? Looks like another beta paid for by MRIS members.

    Info on the product via a Google search — $69 per year.


  22. Bill says:

    While we're on the subject, why is a forest products company, Deckorail, running a full copy of the MRIS site?


  23. MRIS_Anne says:

    Authentisign will be available for $69 a year, however your association may be offering Auhentisign at a further discounted rate. For example, current NVAR members have the option to buy a one-year subscription for $30. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for information from your association to see if the further discounted rate will apply to you.

  24. Bob says:

    As usual, MRIS is not going with the mainstream 800 lb gorilla already firmly established and working beautifully. I would never use this service – and I predict it's certain death from lack of use, like so many other MRIS side stream services.

    Why do we need multiple electronic signature platforms that are incompatible with other services? With DocuSign, it is fully integrated with Zip Forms and both services are offered for free through NAR for basic levels – yes 5 envelopes a month, BUT just a little more for more 40/mo and seriously, if you are a professional agent working full time, it's chump change. Perhaps MRIS should stick to what they do best – provide MLS services ONLY – and leave forms and signatures to the National Association of Realtors and their state associations. You'd think, with all these paying vendor services, our dues would go down… but they do not. So where does all that income go, exactly?

    • GrO says:

      I absolutely agree with Bob. I paid dues for years when MRIS could not even create a compatible platform for MAC. I sent letters to Board Chairs and the CEO and never received a courtesy form letter in return. DocuSign works great it autofills to Zipforms…please MRIS use my dues more wisely

    • MRIS_Adam says:

      As a member of the MRIS product management team and an experienced local real estate broker I know that MRIS strives to offer products and services to meet the needs of today's real estate professionals. Although I believe the Authentisign e-signature product is the best e-signature product available to MRIS customers, I also know that not everyone will agree. So I encourage everyone to do what I did, and research the market for the best e-signature product on their own. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  25. Ann Gutkin says:

    To reiterate what Anne has said, NVAR offers Authentisign to its members for $30 a year, and members receive free Instanet Forms as well. The product also works with ZipForms and other forms vendors.

  26. Jamie Mason says:

    I have been using Authentisign for a little over a week now, offered through my broker (Long & Foster) at $30/year. I've already completed 10 sets of contract documents and it has worked without a hitch. The time savings alone is worth the nominal cost.

  27. Tricia says:

    Looking forward to another option!

  28. Gregg D says:

    Yes, completed ZipForms can be uploaded and signed using Authentisign. Simply complete the form and export to PDF then upload to Authentisign. Authentisign supports a host of different file formats: PDF, Word, Excel, .jpg and other image files and is integrated with InstanetForms, DocBox and TransactionDesk, One platform, many services. Any document can be uploaded to and signed with Authentisign.

    • Bill says:

      Docusign is more expensive at $14.99/month when paid as annual plan, $179.88, in advance. Docusign integrates well with ZipForms, pre-fills initial and signature tabs in the appropriate document locations.

      • Gregg D says:

        Authentisign has integrations with InstanetForms and DocBox (for online retention) and offers signature template options to pre-fill initial and signature blocks as well as easy drag and drop tools to add multiple initials simultaneously. And, Yes, Docusign is more expensive.

  29. MRIS_Candice says:

    Bill, thank you for running the numbers on Docusign.

  30. Jason says:

    can we get matrix back up please!

    • Jason says:

      its been down 4 times today. thanks

      • MRIS_Anne says:

        Hi Jason, we appreciate your patience today as we have been dealing with some unplanned events. Matrix is available now and can be accessed using your MRIS ID and PIN.

  31. Greg says:

    why would you contract with a product that is not already integrated with Zipforms. why would we want to export to a PDF and then upload to a signing program?

  32. Alex says:

    It Freezes a lot on my computer. I have use it with Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and it freezes all the time. They WILL NOT refund any money once you pay.

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