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Authentisign’s new Instanet Ink – Just released!

September 7, 2012  |  by Adam

Are you already using Authentisign as your cost effective e-signature solution? Well listen to this new addition!

When a signer receives an invitation to sign a document, they now have the ablity to select Instanet Ink.  This cool new feature allows signers to sign the signature box with their mouse (from a desktop) or with their finger (from a tablet) and then use that signature to electronically sign the document.

  1. Signer receives the request via email to sign a document.

 2.Signer enters their password, agrees to the terms of service, and selects Instanet Ink. Signer is presented with the signature box and asked to create their signature.

 3. Signers are also asked to create their initials in the initials box.  Once created and approved, the signer completes the signature event. The image applied to the document to represent their signatures will be the Instanet Ink signature and initials they created.


Authentisign is available exclusively to MRIS customers for $69 a year – that’s less than $6 a month! Sign up for a free trial at to see for yourself how beneficial an e-signature product can be for your business.


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One response to “Authentisign’s new Instanet Ink – Just released!”

  1. Don Truett says:

    Sounds and looks good can't wait to try this.

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