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Can’t Stop Texting and Driving? These Apps Can Help!

November 16, 2012  |  by John Heithaus

From the LA Times comes this great article (no subscription needed) on how to protect us from ourselves!

I’m an awful multi-tasker and freely admit to having texted and driven, but Siri on the iPhone has changed that for the most part. I tell Siri to “send an iMessage to” someone, and it does a decent job overall. Newest version of Siri is a good deal better.

Here’s another reference from the NTHSA and Ad Council. Cell Control is another one targeted towards parents.

photo credit: (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times / November 7, 2012)

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2 responses to “Can’t Stop Texting and Driving? These Apps Can Help!”

  1. Retha says:

    Why can't I read the rest of this? Clicking on read more doesn't work.

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