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Characteristics of Today’s Homebuyers – Infographic

September 26, 2013  |  by Jess

A few months ago, MRIS Customers were surveyed about the characteristics and preferences of homebuyers and sellers within the MRIS footprint. These results came from 1100+ real estate professionals answering questions about buyers & sellers in the Mid-Atlantic area. See an analysis and visual breakdown of these characteristics of homebuyers (including turnoffs and key considerations for home purchasing) by viewing the infographic below:

MRIS Customers were surveyed over the summer about the characteristics of homebuyers within the MRIS footprint. These results came from 1100 real estate professionals about homebuyer characteristics in the Mid-Atlantic area.

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4 responses to “Characteristics of Today’s Homebuyers – Infographic”

  1. Garry M says:

    Jess – love the graphic!

  2. Frank says:

    Thank you, I will use this today with one of my sellers

  3. Pat Kline says:

    This is a really helpful tool for Realtors and sellers. Thanks

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