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Coming Soon – eProcess Will Be Easy, Efficient and Extremely Fast

March 16, 2011  |  by Anne

Are you ready to get rid of paper applications, signing and faxing? Then get ready for eProcess! MRIS’s new interactive online system will streamline applications and approvals for agents, brokers and authorized signers.

eProcess is for new and returning agents that need to start or reactive MRIS accounts, it will be simple to apply to MRIS online, receive email notifications and get activated as an MRIS customer after your first online payment is complete. Brokers will appreciate the quick online approvals and the ability to assign and manage Authorized Signers. Plus, your new agents will be activated to access MRIS applications quicker than ever before.

Talk about instant gratification! The whole process of application, approvals, payment and activation can be done in 5-15 minutes if all the parties are online.  Once an agent applies, their Broker or the designated Authorized Signer will receive an email notification to log on and complete the pending approval.  Then the agent will be notified to complete the process by submitting their online payment.

With less paperwork, new MRIS customers, Brokers, and authorized signers can stay focused on what’s most important – your customers. Stay tuned for more details on eProcess, including a webinar and online training.

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