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Coming Soon: Gain More Clients with Two New CMA Products

March 7, 2012  |  by Adam

Coming Soon!  Impress your clients with unique reports that will set you apart from the competition. Both the Home Pricing Wizard and Cloud CMA products will be available soon at a special MRIS customer rate. Here is a sneak peek of these new products…

Generate professional, easy to understand CMAs in a flash. Home Pricing Wizard, brought to you by MRIS, will allow you to determine a home’s market value using an exclusive three-tier pricing approach with your own value estimate included in the calculation. You’ll cast a spell over your clients with your ability to estimate a home’s property value in just minutes.

Features of Home Pricing Wizard will include:

  • Combines data from MRIS with three different property valuation estimates including: Square Footage, Tax Assessed Value, AND the Listing Agent’s Professional Opinion.
  • Calculate the price per square foot and average tax assessment value for all active listings in a neighborhood.
  • Generate professional reports with vivid charts and graphs that can be printed or emailed.
  • Create a seller’s net sheet with the projected gain or loss on a sliding price scale.
  • And more!

To be clear, Cloud CMA actually creates more than just CMAs. Cloud CMA allows agents to deliver professional reports to both buyers and sellers. Plus, it’s so convenient… you’ll generate reports lightning fast by just sending an email from your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Features of Cloud CMA will include:

  • Unlimited CMAs, Buyer Tours, Property Reports and Flyers.
  • Dozens of report themes, fonts and styles to personalize your reports.
  • Customizable report pages.
  • Blend MRIS data with information from top websites like Google, Yelp, Walk Score and
  • And more!

Designed to help you win more listings and make more sales, both products will be offered at an exclusive MRIS price. Keep watching the MRISblog to see when you can buy these new products.


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8 responses to “Coming Soon: Gain More Clients with Two New CMA Products”

  1. Bonnie Kyte says:

    Sounds good—let's see how it performs..

  2. Terry Carter says:

    A better title for this article would be, “Coming Soon: More Nickle-and-Diming from MRIS.” We pay a hefty subscription fee for MRIS, and features like this should be provided as part of that service. I won’t be suckered into paying even more.

  3. MRIS_CMO says:

    Terry — we appreciate your candor — but to be sure you are aware — the CMA tools offered in the Matrix, as part of the Core system are well regarded and utilized by our customers many times each day.

    The services noted above are Premium offerings for those customers that elect to purchase an additional system to supplement their toolkit.

    Think of this as "good, better, best" with "good" baked into your monthly subscription at no additional cost.

  4. Dave Rosenmarkle says:

    It seems like MRIS continues to follow the same model that marketing predators utilize on new agents their first five years in the business; they just apply it to the captive audience, If you don't purchase the latest bell or whistle, your competition will and, they will put you in the margin. I agree with Terry that we pay a premium fee for services that still lag behind smaller, more aggressive MLS activities in other parts of the country.

  5. Bob Adams says:

    Could be very valuable. Show us a some models of various reports and costs. If it looks good and is priced moderately it will work…just like any product we are asked to buy.

  6. MRIS_Adam says:

    These two CMA tools were selected from a list of similar products after receiving positive feedback during our last product evaluation session. These are powerful tools that will help real estate professionals offer better services to their buyer and seller clients. These products can be accessed and purchased per month, so try them out and see for yourself for a month. Additional information will be posted on soon.

  7. Brent Sweet says:

    As a business owner I appreciate having different options avaiable to help anyone stand out from the crowd. That is what makes this such a great business. I am looking forward to seeing them in action.

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