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Contact Management Enhancements for XactSite Now Available

October 25, 2011  |  by Anne

XactSite IDX, Premium and Total customers can now access their contracts and appointments right on their smartphone!  The improved XactSite rDesk mobile site ( makes it possible.   Search and edit contacts quickly and easily while on the go!  Once you find the contact you are looking for, you can view the following right from your phone:

  • History
  • The assigned contact group
  • The assigned Action Plan
  • View saved information on the contact’s favorite properties
  • View and add notes for each contact

Check out these great new features by visiting now! Bookmark the URL for future reference – you never know when you’ll need to add a new client to your list!

After adding your client to a group, you may want to export to keep a copy of your groups. XactSite makes it easy to export your various contact groups in one-click! Available for XactSite Premium, Total, Agent IDX and Office IDX customers, the “Export” option is located under the “Contacts” menu.

Interested in learning more about XactSite? Visit for more information or contact Darren Kipfer at

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