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Day 1: Searching Within School Boundaries in Matrix

September 3, 2013  |  by Jess

Today we want to let you know about a Matrix “hidden gem” that some of you might be interested in, especially now that school’s back in session: Using School Boundaries in Matrix.

There are two ways to find listings that are located in your client’s preferred school district.

One way is to run a Matrix search and select a listing. In Map View, choose the “Layers” option and select a school layer. Interchangeable map layers make it easy to view High School, Middle School and Elementary School boundaries. You will then be able to determine what school district is reported for that listing.

The second way is to enter your client’s preferred location and additional listing criteria (price, square footage, etc) into a Matrix search. Instead of running the search for all listings in the county (or counties) selected, click the “Map Search” button at the bottom left of the Matrix search section (above the “Additional Fields” section).

Once the map has loaded, click “Layers” in the upper right corner of the map. Select the school boundaries layer of interest to your client (Elementary, Middle or High School). Note: You may need to zoom in or out to view the boundaries layer. Click on an area to display its school district information.

Search for listings within a specific school district by using the shape drawing tool, known as the “Polygon” tool. Trace the shape of the school district completely, and then click “OK”. Matrix will then display all available listings within that search area.

Remember, the only way to ensure data accuracy is by contacting the School Board directly.

Are you a more visual learner? You can learn how to search school boundaries in less than 3 minutes. This short video tutorial on provides step-by-step instructions and screenshots for searching within school boundaries. Click here to watch!

Come back tomorrow for another MRIS Core-focused post!

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9 responses to “Day 1: Searching Within School Boundaries in Matrix”

  1. Lisa says:

    Can MRIS make it so you do not have to trace over the school boundary? It would make it so much easier if you could just click on the layers and then select which highlighted school you want as your map search area.

  2. Courtney says:

    I agree with Lisa and have submitted the idea as an enhancement before. Having to trace the boundary is very difficult and tedious. It’s also more difficult when the school boundary has multiple areas.

  3. Karla says:

    My thoughts, exactly! When tracing, the pop up boxes often get in the way of the boundary lines. It's very cumbersome. School selection is one of the most popular type of searches that buyers want. Think of the time saving….

  4. Tim says:

    Hi Lisa, Courtney, and Karla. Great minds think alike:-) That was a request we made when School Map Layers were initially introduced. Unfortunately the Matrix maps don’t offer that type of functionality. That said, we know how important searching by schools is to our agents and the consumer. Our plan is to auto populate the schools in Keystone. Agents will still have the ability to remove or change the school if they choose. We believe that by MRIS auto populating the school we will reduce the liability of List Agents and allow schools to be searched using the schools picklist. While this doesn't meet your exact request, will this reduce the need to have a clickable shape on the map?

  5. Sharon Light says:

    Is this from school boundary info or does listing agent have to have put in correct school information into their listing for it to work?

  6. How about making school district information a required field when the listing is input?

  7. Julie Montalvo says:

    This would solve the main problem! The reason the database is inaccurate is that many agents do not enter school district information. All they need to do is go to the county website and enter the address:…. They might think that they don't want to get into possible legal problems doing so but I think this information is necessary and of course, there is always the important disclaimer, "Information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed."

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