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Day 11: Recent Searches Menu in Matrix

September 17, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

We’ve all been in situations where we accidentally logged ourselves out of Matrix, been distracted by a phone call and lost the search we’d been working on, or simply lost our Internet connection and had to start all over again. The Recent Searches menu can help to save time, energy, and frustration by allowing you to recall the search with one click.

First, let’s identify where the Recent Searches menu is. Look in the top right corner of the Matrix Search Screen (just under Logout) and find your name. Look under your name and see Recent Searches. Don’t see it? Next to your name do you see an arrow, pointing down? Click the arrow and that should reveal the Recent Searches menu.

Up to your last fifteen searches are available for you, so you can just click on the search you want to run. If you need more beyond those fifteen, click the View All link to reveal up to your last fifty (50).

Decoding the Recent Searches activity:

When you look at the searches you’ve done, you will see;

(1) The icon;

a. A tree means a Lot & Land search,
b. A house means a Residential Search
c. A square (building) is a Commercial Search
d. A green square that contains 2 houses is Multi Family Search
e. A magnifying glass with an envelope is a saved search
f. A gear with an envelope over it is a saved Auto Email
g. A square with an orange circle in the bottom right corner is a tax search.

(2) Some of the criteria used in the search
(3) The time the search was run. Prior searches will have the day and the time.
(4) The number of listings contained within the search results.

We hope this little tip makes your Matrix experience better! Many more tips and tutorials are available on Click here to view Matrix videos!

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