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Day 13: Keystone Profile Sheets and Field Definitions

September 19, 2013  |  by Jess

Are you able to recall ALL the fields in Keystone from memory? If you are, have you considered a career as a professional game show contestant?

If you can’t remember them all, Keystone Profile Sheets are here to help!

Next time you’re getting ready to list a property, print out a Keystone Profile Sheet, or pull it up on your iPad or tablet, to use as a reference so you can be reminded of the fields that are:

required – marked in red
conditional – for a specific type of listing, and
optional – for special, unique, or other additional features.

By using these sheets, you’ll be able to input your listing into Keystone as completely as possible. Click here to access the list of Profile Sheets Available.

If you have trouble remembering what all the fields refer to or what the terms mean, there is also a list of field definitions available for your use. From “ACTIVE” to “Zoning Code”, find the term you need by searching for it or viewing the entire list of definitions. It’s a great resource to help answer some of your “Wait, what does that mean?” questions. Click here to access the Profile Sheet Definitions page.

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2 responses to “Day 13: Keystone Profile Sheets and Field Definitions”

  1. Greg Prewitt says:

    How do I get to the profile sheets in Keystone? when I go to Keystone, it is not apparent where they are or how to arrive at the webpage, and it is not indicated in the article above.

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