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Day 15: Matrix Speedbar Shortcuts

September 23, 2013  |  by Jess

We’ve posted quite a few times on the blog about the Matrix Speedbar, but we think the time-saving ability it provides is worth repeating. Here’s a brief overview:

Where is the Speedbar? The Speedbar is located at the top of each Matrix screen (under the navigation bar). If you don’t see the Speedbar, look to the right of the navigation bar next to your name. If you see a down facing arrow, click that to reveal the Speedbar.

How do I create a Speedbar shortcut? First, run a search with your criteria. Once you’ve done this, you can select “Save As” to save the search as a new Speedbar shortcut. Name the Speedbar shortcut something that is easily recognizable for you. Note: Be sure to keep the slash (/) at the beginning of the shortcut’s name, and shortcut names must be all one word with no special characters. After you have named your shortcut, click Save.

How do I access Speedbar shortcuts? You can access these shortcuts by clicking into the Speedbar and begin typing shortcut codes you’ve made and hit the enter key. You can also use specific shortcut codes with the Speedbar. For a full list of available Speed Bar codes and examples please click here to view the Speed Bar Codes document.

Can you adjust your Speedbar shortcuts? Yes! View your full list of Speedbar shortcuts by clicking “Settings” under “My Matrix.” Select “Speedbar Shortcuts.” Choose the Speedbar shortcut you’d like to modify by clicking on its name.

For more help on utilizing Speedbar shortcuts, watch the tutorial video below:

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