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Day 8: Scheduling Your Listings to Submit in Keystone

September 12, 2013  |  by Justin

Here’s a hidden gem in Keystone that might make your life a little easier. Today you’ll learn how to schedule your listings to submit in Keystone.

Whenever you make changes to an existing listing, you always need to resubmit it so MRIS can post the newest version of your listing.  However, the new Keystone allows you to submit those changes to your listing at a future date if desired. Key the changes whenever it is convenient for you, but schedule them to take effect online while you’re gone.  You may choose one future date at a time for any given listing.  Here’s how to take advantage:

After making your changes, rather than immediately clicking Submit, instead click Save. This will return you to the Keystone Homepage and display your 1-hour countdown timer in red text. Then under the Manage Listing drop-down menu for that listing, select Submit Later:

The schedule submission pop-up window will then display, allowing you to click the calendar icon and choose a future date. You can even have Keystone automatically email you a reminder so you don’t forget when the changes will submit! Click the Schedule button to confirm these pending changes and close the window:

A green text confirmation of the later scheduled date will be displayed on the listing:

Learn more about editing and scheduling listings in Keystone by visiting Click here to watch a short tutorial!

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One response to “Day 8: Scheduling Your Listings to Submit in Keystone”

  1. Judy says:

    Easily followed – good video

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