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Disaster Recovery: MRIS Safeguards Customer Data

September 21, 2011  |  by Garry

MRIS develops system to keep its customers connected in the event of an emergency

MRIS deploys an enhanced business continuity system to keep its customers connected to their business 24/7.  MRIS partnered with IBM to provide this enhanced capability.  In the event of an emergency, disaster or unplanned event, customers will be able to access MRIS data with a swift transition to an off-site data center.  This five month effort to establish a state-of-the-art data recovery system further proves MRIS’s dedication to its 42,000 customers by protecting their businesses at all times and during all conditions.

As Chief Information Officer at MRIS, Michael Belak and his team focus heavily on regular system tests.  “With a $100M of real estate sales on the line each and every day, MRIS can’t cross our fingers and hope for the best when a disaster strikes” says Belak. “We want  our customers to feel confident that their data, and their businesses, will always be protected.”

In the event the main MRIS data center is unavailable, the back-up systems will automatically activate, swiftly transitioning processing over to minimize service interruption, allowing customers to continue “business as usual”.   Within minutes of a natural disaster or other event, critical core systems will be safeguarded, enabling MRIS customers to resume work.  MRIS is furthering its commitment to safeguarding the businesses of thousands of real estate professionals by keeping their data safe and providing access to that data in any unplanned event.

Michael Belak stated: “The recent extreme weather events we just experienced remind us of the importance of having this type of protection.  Within the last month, our region had an earthquake, a hurricane and extended rainfall that produced extensive flooding and long-lasting power outages throughout the Washington, DC area.  During all of these events, MRIS continued to serve our customers, without interruption, thanks to our dedicated staff and these protective systems.”


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