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Do you have a lot of deactivated AutoEmails? Reactive them now!

December 8, 2010  |  by Anne

 Wondering why you have so many disabled AutoEmails? Let us help! 

With the new contact centric My Matrix, the status of AutoEmails is clearly visible for the first time.  This information has always been in My Matrix, and auto emails have always disabled after 45 days of a client not opening the email – only now is this information more visible in an effort to keep you in the know of your clients auto email views. If you feel like you have too many deactivated AutoEmails, it is only because they are visible for the first time.  Some AutoEmails could have been deactivated 2 years or 3 months ago, and the new format is bringing theses deactivated AutoEmails to your attention.

 Why do we even deactivate auto emails?  We disable for a variety of reasons, one which is to reduce the spam sent out through Matrix.  Another reason is to the reduced the likelihood of being blacklisted by major Internet Service Providers.

Reactive AutoEmails in a few short clicks!  It’s EASY! Follow the steps below

Step 1: Click on the AutoEmail you would like to reactivate, and select “settings” from the drop down selection.

Step 2: Once in Settings, you MUST select a contact for the auto email to be assigned to if it does not have one already.  Make sure you select, “Enabled” and save. 

Step 3:  Press save, and your AutoEmail will change it’s status from “Disabled” to “Awaiting Activation.”

For more information on the Contact Centric My Matrix, and more great screen shots and step by step How To’s, visit the My Matrix Job Aid.

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