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Does Your Listing Have Rooms to Share?

July 31, 2013  |  by Diane Ives

Buyers agree that Room Information is near the top of important information they need to know (right behind photos). Make the listing attractive to potential purchasers by highlighting the rooms, the size, the flooring type and where the fireplaces are located.

The process for adding your rooms has changed a little bit so print out this handy reference for Rooms Help.

We all know that buyers use Bedrooms and Bathrooms as one of their main criteria. Make sure that your listing’s Bedroom and Bathroom count is correct. Beds/Baths are entered in the field called Story List. While you are editing your listing, look on the left side of the screen (Navigation area) and click Floor Plan. That will take you to the BUILDING: Floor Plan Section. Use the Story List Drop down Menu to select the Story (level). If for example you choose Main, fields will appear allowing you to enter the number of Main Level Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Half Baths.

If you need to remove a level, simply click on the X next to the name in the Story List selection box.

In New Keystone, there is no list of rooms. Instead you can add the rooms you wish to highlight and give specific details on each. Add only the rooms you want and enter them in the order that you wish. Put the nicest rooms at the top or wherever you want them. You are also able to delete a room.

  1. From Keystone, use the drop down menu to choose Edit Full Listing. Look on the left to see the Navigation Menu, find the link for Rooms.
  2. You will now see the section BUILDING: Rooms with a drop down for Rooms.
  3. Use the drop down to select a room
  4. Choose Level, Flooring Type, Fireplace Type, and dimensions (length and width).
  5. If necessary delete a room by clicking the X next to the room name.
  6. Add more rooms to meet your needs.

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4 responses to “Does Your Listing Have Rooms to Share?”

  1. Yvette Chisholm says:

    It would be VERY helpful if agents didn't list rooms without proper egress as bedrooms. Maybe MRIS can issue guidelines on what constitutes a bedroom.

  2. Rooms we need:

    If anybody else can think of others, please post them

    Cooling Room
    Wine cellar
    Sitting Room

  3. BJ Cyr says:

    Many many clients want a MAIN LEVEL MASTER BEDROOM! I've been mentioning this for years and cannot understand why it cannot be included in data entry. Most entries that have showed "bedroom main level" are not masters but dens that could be used as a bedroom in a pinch. It's a given that ranch or ramblers would have a master on the main level but there are colonials and other styles that also have master bedrooms on the main level. A lot of baby boomers or people retiring with bad knees or hips want a master bedroom on the main level. Agents shouldn't have to read the remarks to find out if a house has that. If MRIS can include " entry level main", "ramp main level" or things not quite so important like "watersense fixtures", "renewable floor", or "vegetation planting" why can't you add "main level master bedroom"??????????I've been told for years "we are working on it". Well, that is not good enough my friends! MRIS is behind the curve on this.

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