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Don’t Miss It! New MRIS Rules & Regulations Coming July 1

June 29, 2010  |  by Cassie

guidelinesThe most value that MRIS can offer its subscribers is the accuracy of the data in our database; you may have heard it described other places as the “garbage in, garbage out” principle. We want to make sure that the data you are using from the MRIS database – and consequently passing on to your customers – is as accurate and timely as it could possibly be. For this reason, MRIS Rules & Regulations are the guidelines that our customers agree to follow when they become MRIS subscribers.

I asked Michelle Yam, MRIS’ Compliance Manager, to explain where these new rules and regs come from.  “As our real estate industry changes, new legislation is signed, or NAR rules change, it’s necessary for MRIS to periodically update our Rules & Regulations,” she said. “We sometimes find that comments and suggestions that come in from our customers lead to changes in our guidelines, too.”

Some new additions and clarifications to the MRIS Rules & Regulations will go into effect on Thursday, July 1. Please be sure and read the Synopsis of Changes available on the MRIS website, but here are some highlights:

  • Photos of main exterior of residential listing are required within 48 hours, unless the seller requests otherwise
  • Status types (active, contract, temp off) have not been changed but have been added to the Rules & Regs document to increase visibility of these details
  • A number of rules have been added or clarify what can and cannot be done with MLS database content on websites, specifically updates to listings, concerns about “scraping” data, the posting of comments, reviews, or valuations, and the necessity of contact information with each listing.

Please go and read the full language on the MRIS website. This quick summary is meant only to give you an idea of the areas that are included in this round of updates.

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