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Matrix Monday: Don’t dismay over which display!

March 21, 2011  |  by Anne

Want to save time and increase your efficiency while using Matrix? Use the “Display” drop down to change the presented information on your search results screen.   There are 10 different search result displays, and a great display to start using is the CMA SUMMARY-AGENT.  Select this option from the display drop down to view pertinent information like Close Price and Close date.   This information is vital when performing a CMA.

Hoping to view  photos and read the remarks? Change  your display to GALLERY-AGENT to scroll down to see every . Now you can simply scroll down the display to see  photos of each property listed. You can also create your own display if there is a particular set of information you prefer. To create your own displays go to the My Matrix tab, Settings, Custom Display. There you can create custom one line displays to suit your individual needs.  For more help, click here.

Remember, when you send out Matrix Email+ to your clients, they have the Display feature too but note they only view Customer Displays while you view Agent Displays. Your Custom Display may be included in the email if you choose that option when setting up the email delivery.

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2 responses to “Matrix Monday: Don’t dismay over which display!”

  1. Diane Blake says:

    We used to be able to drop listings we didn't need in the one line summary and then they would not show up if you changed to "agent gallery" Now all the listings show up whether checked or not- is there another way to drop listings so that I don't have to weed thru them while looking at the info I need?

  2. MRIS_Anne says:

    Sure thing Diane, if you want to check the listings you are not longer interested in looking at, you can "drop" them by pressing the "drop" button on the lower right hand corner. Once you check a few listings, you will see the box "light up." Another option is to select the listings you wish to continue looking at, press the "keep" button, then switch your Agent View. For more a visual reference, check out this blog post:

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