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Don’t Forget to Enter Your Comparables for 2011 By February 1st

January 31, 2012  |  by Corey

It’s that time of year again where we need to make sure all of the sales that occurred last year are entered into Keystone. If a sale is not in Keystone, please enter them by February 1st.  If you have a listing that needs to be entered that is already Sold, enter YES for the Comparable Y/N field in Keystone. This allows you to enter the listing as Sold and adjust the dates for the past.  


Click here to learn how to enter a comparable listing in Keystone. If you need assistance, please contact the MRIS Support Center.

After all comparables are entered, listings will be checked for accuracy and then year-end statistics will be published in mid-February.

We have had requests to publish year-end statistics earlier than February. To accomplish this, we will be changing the process for year-end statistics in 2012.  We will be asking you to enter your comparables throughout the year instead of waiting until January.  This will allow us to provide the year-end statistics on the 10th of January along with December statistics instead of in February.  So look for reminders from us throughout the year to enter your comparables each month!

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11 responses to “Don’t Forget to Enter Your Comparables for 2011 By February 1st”

  1. Karen Donaldson says:

    WOW! I never knew that we could do this. Thanks so much for posting.

  2. Kim Nowalk says:

    Do we enter new construction that the builder never reports to Mris, I would love to have that credit on the stats?

    Kim Nowalk

    • Margaret says:

      Yes, if you are the selling agent and the new home company did not enter it (check in Matrix first), then enter it with Comparable = Yes. For the Listing Agent ID, put in 12345 if the agent is 'unknown'.

  3. Great information!! I never knew that we can do this!!

  4. Karen Donaldson says:

    I have never entered my new home sales because our local board will accept a copy of the HUD, but I can see now where it would be very helpful as the development ages. But also if one builder started the developement, but then sold the rest of the lots to another builder. It would be much easier to just go to MRIS. Then you have to go looking in the tax records & that still would give us a fraction of the details.

    • Margaret says:


      There are many reasons we ask for comps to be entered. It allows agents to get reports out of the system on their productivity (there is an Agent Sales Report on for you that automatically grabs anything that you listed or sold). This also carries up to the office/company level to generate productivity reports. It provides more information for CMA's etc. when trying to re-sell in an area that has a lot of new homes – providing value to your clients down the road. The statistics generated in the RBI system becomes a more accurate picture of what is going on in the market.

      We do realize it takes extra time to enter comps, but we hope everyone can see the value in doing so. We appreciate you taking the time to enter them.


  5. Cindy says:

    I never knew we could do this but can not get it in until tomorrow at this point.We have a number of new construction where we were the selling agent and it is not listed in the MRIS.

    • Margaret says:


      Please enter them when you can. While we told everyone February 1st, we will not 'pull' the data for statistics until later this week for statistics. We realize it takes everyone a day or two to get them in.


  6. suzanne Valentin says:

    Wonder if this is a new feature, or just an old forgotten tool that I don't use..

  7. karen donaldson says:

    Clearly this new information will provide needed stats for all agents.

  8. karen donaldson says:

    I passed on this information yesterday to the agents in my office that have done new construction. Hopefully they took the time to input the information.

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