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Don’t Miss Out on Leads from!

April 13, 2011  |  by Dessie is the only listing search website in the Mid-Atlantic region powered by the MLS.  Therefore, it provides consumers all Real Time Local ListingsTM

With thousands of listings available, connects potential buyers and sellers to Real Estate Professionals, both agents and brokers.  When consumers find a property of interest, they have the option to contact the listing agent via phone or web. provides thousands of inquiries to Agents and Brokers monthly. 

In addition, consumers have the option to search for agents and real estate offices and contact them.

In March 2011 there were 36,569 inquiries sent to Agents and Brokers:

  • Agent Phone Inquiries: 17,711
  • Agent Website Click-throughs: 6,248
  • Broker Phone Inquiries: 2,949
  • Broker Website Click-throughs: 9,661

With a steady increase of monthly inquiries, make sure that consumer inquiries reach you by going to and updating your contact information, under My Account.  This will ensure that interested consumers who visit can actually reach you!

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7 responses to “Don’t Miss Out on Leads from!”

  1. Paul Welch says:

    I think that as long as I have access to the same listing data then it is up to me to target my market with content rich in the keywords I want a high ranking. Linking to social media, post ads on line and and offer good quality information to my clients I will be found. So find you treat market or area and focus. Check what the largest sites do to rank high and copy that idea for you narrow keywords.

  2. Nick Gioia says: is a slap in our (the member’s) faces. We pay our dues and have more restrictions on RETS data than 80% of the boards. We only have one person at MRIS in charge of RETS and their terms to even get access to the system are unrealistic – “build-out and map all our data (60 hours x 150 per hour=$9,000) and them once you pay a developer another 5-10k to build out your website we you can submit it for approval. I discontinued my Homedatabase website after they rolled out with their regional marketing campaign a few years ago. Furthermore, their agent websites offer todays Realtors no value, seo or blog capabilities. I would NEVER refer one of my clients to this website and will continue to speak poorly about their services to every agent I come in contact with.

  3. MRIS_CMO says:

    Mr. Gioia, we appreciate your feedback and will reach out to you directly to learn how we can manage RETS more effectively, as well as any best practices you have seen by the other Boards you reference. I do believe the agent websites we offer (specifically XactSite :… offers more modern features with regard to SEO and other aspects.

    We can certainly improve and modernize and that our #1 goal. If your comments will assist in that effort, MRIS and our customers will be better for it.

    Thanks again and we'll be in touch directly. Respectfully, John Heithaus

  4. Jeanne L. Turnock says:

    Hmmm, I read the comments complaining that MRIS sends consumers to the listing agents. Why shouldn't they? It is the listing agent who has spent their time to take all the photos, gather all the data and enter it into the system. It is the listing agent who has spent their time getting the listing. And we should then take pity on other agents or agents who prefer to be buyer agents and give away our work product to them? I don't think so.

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