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Email Compliance Notifications Start Next Week!

June 16, 2011  |  by Anne

Starting next week, check your email inbox for compliance notifications instead of your fax machine.

That’s right! We are moving from fax to email notifications in an effort to notify you in a more timely fashion. The sooner you receive a notification, the faster you can correct the listing information and avoid fines. Saving trees while avoiding fines? It’s a win-win!

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5 responses to “Email Compliance Notifications Start Next Week!”

  1. DeeDee Hargrove says:

    Thank you for hearing our concerns and taking the appropriate action. This should avoid headaches on both sides and allow the agents to correct any minor/major Keystone issues before excessive fines are imposed.

  2. Chris Laurence says:

    Can you give us the specific email address that these will come from, so that it can be white-listed to avoid being treated as spam?

  3. Shelly Craig says:

    Please send alerts to email address

  4. ern says:

    Will the managers of the offices be notified as well as the agents? There may be times when an agent is out of "touch" with their e-mails.

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