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Face time with new clients

July 9, 2010  |  by Anne

Great job, your networking skills got you a coffee meeting with your sister-in-law’s best friend’s mom, Deb, who is putting her house on the market! But Deb is a tough cookie to crack and is very particular in trusting anyone she has never met, regardless of the fantastic references you come with.  Below are three questions that might be coming your way:

1. What makes you different from other agents?

This questions sounds simple, but really it is quite complex.  It is really asking who you are and what you stand for as an agent.  Do you have a professional mission statement or live by a certain motto? If you don’t have a concrete one yet, this may be the perfect time to think of one.

2.  How long have you been in real estate?

Of course you know they are wanting more than just a number, but look at is as an opportunity to give the story of your career in real estate.  How did it all start? Are you second or third generation? Share a story or two, and allow that to build a connection that may lead into a working relationship. 

3.  When will my house sell?

You must be realistic and fair in your projection.  You are the real estate professional, the gatekeeper of valuable information that only you have access to (trends, statistics, etc.)  Redirect the question from when to why it may take 6-9 months to sell. 

Let your personality and experience sell yourself, and of course, be the one that pays for the coffee 🙂

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