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Fast & Easy Photo Upload with Media Connect

April 1, 2011  |  by Tim

Think uploading photos to Facebook is easy?  Maybe you find and super easy to use as well.  In our development process for Media Connect, we were inspired to emulate the most popular photo uploading applications used today.  If you can upload, sort and edit photos on any of those sites, then get ready to become a pro with the Media Connect – the upcoming replacement to Keystone Photo Upload.

Media Connect will offer a painless photo upload process.  Batch uploading up to 30 photos at once will soon be possible, and more importantly will be completed in less than 4 minutes.  Cue the applause as Media Connect leaves KPU in the dust for photo uploads, saving you 75% of your time waiting on photos!

Performance testing results for the current Keystone Photo Upload (KPU) process as compared to the new Media Connect process.

Photo Size KPU Media Connect
2 MB Photo 25 Seconds 2 Seconds
10, 2 MB Photos 6 Minutes 1 minute
30, 2 MB Photos 17 Minutes 4 Minutes


As the product manager, I am happy to announce test results showed that Media Connect uploads photos FASTER than Facebook, Shutterfly and Flickr too.

And before you ask, yes it works on a Mac and allows you to type in the scene code. Stay tuned for more information about Media Connect, and learn more about other great features of this fast and easy photo upload tool!

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