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Feedback Fridays

February 8, 2013  |  by Jess

If there’s anything that this week has taught us, it’s that we need to hear your opinions on a more regular basis. We’ve been requesting volunteers for focus groups and Beta testing, but we know that not everyone has that kind of time in his or her schedule.

To give our customers more of a platform, we’ve decided to turn Fridays into Feedback Fridays, where each week we will have a short survey about something we’d like you to weigh in on so we can take your feelings into account when making decisions.

We hope that you’ll take a few moments to fill out the first Feedback Friday survey, and thank you again!

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51 responses to “Feedback Fridays”

  1. bob mercurio says:

    I have asked to be a beta tester but have never been contact.

  2. Sherry Scire says:

    I was very Excited about the Showing Assistance program coming. However, when I saw it on the MLS listings this week and went back to use it…it was gone..?? When are we going to get that up and going??


  3. Tracey Bilodeau says:

    I would very much like to participate in a focus group or have a chance to work with MRIS. Of course, it depends on location or the possibility to communicate electronically. I've wondered how to do this for years.

  4. Susan Shannon says:

    I would like the ability to upload my own you tube videos.

  5. Bob B. says:

    I would like to see more space given to the remarks section of listings. The current alloted space is not always adequate to provide all the details about a property.

  6. Teresa S says:

    I agree highly about the alloted space for remarks!!!!!!!

  7. Kris Heitman says:

    I would like to see the ability to add a second buyers agent …you have the ability to have two listing agents why not two buyers/selling agents?

  8. Ron Riddell says:

    Need more "rental friendly" data. Most of the data is geared towards sales.

  9. Jose Reyes says:

    I like the new showing information in the mls

  10. Janet Kraus CRS says:

    On the listing data entry information for showings. Add category to the listing called " Tour request timeframe" then the click & choose options A) 1 to 3 hours or B) 4 to 8 hours or C) 9 to 12 hours or D) Seller wks shift work. We already have show anytime register appt. or go and show with cortesty call from CSS & of course vacant but with an advisable timeframe displayed before setting appointments we would know which properties to get confirmed first and plan the other tour times around the most difficult house tour to set up:)

  11. Janet Kraus CRS says:

    On the listing data entry I would also like to see a category, click & choose option titled "Updates"! We waste so much space in remarks abbreviating updates. To many listers use the word new when items are updates but not new! Example for updates would be A) Light fixtures B) Plumbing fixtures C) Interior doors D) Baths E) Kitchen F) Some appliances G) Electric panel H) Some plumbing I) Roof J) Siding
    K) deck L) Exterior lighting M) Exterior Chimney etc.

  12. GENE Davies says:

    when initiated the system was the greatest over prc…now the ultra tecs have it in disarray. I GOTA GO BACK TO CLASSES, POST ALL FROM BASIC FORWARD(I KNOW THERE ARE THERE TOO)

  13. Valerie says:

    Please add Text Lister and Text Showing Contact with a phone number space for the Showing Instructions checklist.

  14. Wesley says:

    As an appraiser I would hope that someday there will be a way that map locations will always agree with the location and not be found in another zip code.

  15. Paula Nerret says:

    I would like to be able to save partial searches then be able to go back to them to continue.i can't always finish but there is no way to bookmark.

  16. Lynda says:

    I agree with Janet. It would be great to have an "updated" category. Perhaps even fields for age of the major systems. The age of the roof, HVAC, HWH go directly to the value of a property and that information is rarely available. Even on the disclosures it is often left blank.

  17. Lynda says:

    I liked Showing Assist, but I did think having to print an extra page of paper to have the showing instructions was a huge waste of paper and ink. Especially when so many properties are vacant and the instructions are 2 words: vacant, lockbox. (A lot of my colleagues were not comfortable with text or e-mail, they want instructions in writing in their hand). (I could see office managers going nuts over the extra expense in paper and ink.)

  18. maria says:

    Showing assist needs some improvement to make it easier if MRIS still intends to use it. Having to click several times to even get to the showing info takes much longer than our simple way of just printing out the listing with showing instructions clearly visible on the printed page. I also believe it should be an optional service just as CSS is optional.

  19. keep it simple says:

    KISS = keep it simple st****.
    technology overload.
    the latest attempt at "showing instructions" was a joke.

  20. Sherry says:

    The fact that you did not coordinate Showing Assist with CSS or any of the other showing appointment services made it absolutely frustrating and worthless. I cannot imagine putting alarm or combo instructions on Listing Assist when MRIS itself says it worries about non-authorized users. Isn't the risk of non-authorized users multiplied if those users can see combos and alarm codes? Your videos implied that there would be a seamless interface with the showing appointment services. NOT!

    Showing Assist did not correctly "move" information from my listings to Showing Assist. One listing had showing instructions and everything in the comment box transferred to the showing instruction box in SA. Another listing had no driving directions transferred over, although the other one did.

    Why are some apps on the right hand side of the keystone property block apps that are self-contained and upload directly to MRIS while some of the functions require the extra step of going back to the left side and using the drop down box to confirm and upload changes.

  21. Deborah says:

    I have not yet had an opportunity to utilize Showing Assist in Keystone, therefore, I have no opinion from that perspective.

    As for using Showing Assist to show or preview property, agents are not always in front of the computer when scheduling appointments. We print out the instructions and take them with us and may not be online at the time we’d like to schedule the appointment.

    Agents should have the option of using showing assist or some means of contact that does not require you to be connected to the internet to schedule all appointments.

  22. chela giacchino says:

    thank you fo rchanging back the "showing instructoins" More complicasted…we need to keep things simple!!!!

  23. Sara says:

    It is annoying to have to change the password every few months. It is not like you are a bank that needs to protect our money. Now a days we deal with too many passwords, so it is a challenge to try to remember all of them.

  24. Margaret says:

    When I call for an appointment, I typically write the showing instruction in the white space of the agent synopsis. I can do that on the road, in my office, or at home and it's handy when and where I need it – no Internet connection required! CSS makes the process so easy for users, I think you could learn a lot from them… who knows, maybe you could even negotiate a deal with them, while allowing agents the option to use another showing service or to personally handle all appointments.

  25. D.C. says:

    I have volunteered to be a tester since 2005. Have never heard from anyone. I send feedback and suggestions all the time, never hear back from anyone in product planning or development. It's like a black hole up there in Rockville.

  26. C.J. says:

    Please either abbreviate or take out the field that shows the Type of Sale, or move it far over to the right. It takes up so much space when I print out a summary, the rest of the report, with good data, gets dropped. Just use abbrevations like:

    SS = Short Sale
    F = Foreclosure
    STD= Standard Sale

  27. Carol says:

    I am not against the showing assistant function. However, feel this needs some tweaking. Many agents who choose to use this function may end up frustrated. Especially after not receiving a timely reply. This happened to me and ended up calling the agent directly. Not all agents have smart phones, ipads, etc. Having the lister’s cell & Office ph # is the best way to confirm a showing.

  28. MRIS_CMO says:

    Carol, thanks for the constructive comments and the new version of the system will show the "tweaking" you rightly suggest.

  29. Simon says:

    I welcome your new way of thinking. It is an innovative way to get customers involved in "Decision-Making". Kudos MRIS.

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