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Feedback Friday for March 1

March 1, 2013  |  by Jess

Today’s Feedback Friday asks you to confirm (or disagree with) some feedback we’ve heard from the field and provide your thoughts. Take a few minutes to answer this short survey about how you would prefer to have items such as amenities and appliances organized in Matrix displays, and also about how you identify your listings in Keystone and if certain information is essential to display when you are editing the full listing in Keystone.

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37 responses to “Feedback Friday for March 1”

  1. donna ryan says:

    I would like the washer and dryer listed better not just he hookups….some mark that and you do not know what conveys or not…I would like a section for additional items that convey…that would be nice. Amenities are fine I have not had any problem with that section of misunderstandings. Thank you

  2. Gerri says:


  3. Gary Ansley says:

    I'd like for the "Agent Synopsis" report to include the listing agent's e-mail (not just the MRIS e-mail address).

  4. Nancy McBride says:

    MRIS needs to provide the Agents personal EMAIL address…. it is critical sometimes to email agents and it is not provided.

  5. One Confused Agent says:

    That was the stupidist set of questions I've seen in a request for feedback in a long time. Questions were asked with no context. It would be better to have provided concrete examples. Therefore why bother asking.

  6. Bob Hefferon says:

    Yeah… we can work for improvement. But sometimes we try and go too far to please a few… Stay focused on keeping US Agents front and center. Our e-mail addresses would be a good addition to the Agent Synopsis as is is vital when getting an offer over to a listing agent… I have to stop what I am doing.. Log on… Go to the Roster… find the agent… Write down the email address… While I am at it the contract does require the office address… is there a way to display it easily in that section?????

  7. Lorna says:

    The previous version of Keystone used to check for any potential violation prior to submitting a listing. That was a very helpful feature because it helps agents straight. You can't expect us to know each and every one of MLS violation rules.

  8. Dawn says:

    These very short surveys are a good idea, but if you want agents to continue responding to them, the questions should be phrased better. For example, the first question asks an "a" or "b" question (alphabetical or by importance?). The answer didn't provide a "by importance" option, rather "listing agent preference". It makes one wonder if the "by importance" is determined by the listing agent or MRIS? If MRIS determines the importance, than there will be a consistent order, which is usually helpful.

  9. Ann says:

    I'm really frustrated with Matrix searching. I have many years as an IT professional and I know it isn't easy to make a website user friendly. However, certain basics need to be done: fix the search engine so that when a user carefully selects search items the system doesn't return a "no items found" reply. I can do the exact same search selecting 1 item and adding a new item with each successive revision and clicking "revise" and ultimately ending up with the same total I started out with and being able to get a response. Please fix this. Thanks!

  10. Jim says:

    It would be very nice to have square footage as a required field. Also, why is is no longer placed on the 4 up reports. It was before and is now gone?


  11. Janet says:

    Suggestion for survey regarding communicating with agents. Some agents text but do not have email on their phones yet:) When wireless has a problem an calls or email won't work texting still does! Many times I ask agents if they text so I can text them show instructions, codes so they can lock message in their phones. Many text immediate feedback with their name in the text since you do not keep all call numbers stored by person. Would be nice to know on the short listing page next to agents cell number a texting ok choice.

  12. susanhomesforsale says:

    I did not answer the survey about the agent email address on synopsis. It is totally frustrating. I totally think it should be there. I like the text preference as well. Today I could not enter the square footage of the house because the tax record does not have it split up into above grade and below and the basement is partially finished and very difficult to measure. I needed to be able to put just square footage as a total and could not.
    I also get frustrated with the way you add comments to pictures. It just seems cumbersome somehow, it is all too small and you have to click on the pictures to really see if it is a good picture. Seems you should be able to have the big picture and put the comments there instead of having to go back and forth between them.

  13. Valerie says:

    Perhaps if you have a short survey like this one that asks an agent if he likes item A, likes item B, or has no preference, you could add "Other" and room for a line or two of text. It might make it more difficult for you to tally the results but it would certainly allow for agents to make sugestions that might be valuable for follow-up surveys or future planning.

  14. don says:

    Why are agents using the synopsis when the short listing has everything they need, including the email address?. I guess it does explain all the dumb questions you get as a listing agent about lockbox type,(showing instructions availabilty date ,deposit on rentals) with regard to the Taxable sq footage vs total sq ft complaint above……….someone tell susan what the taxable square footage field is in the tax record and how there is a feild for total, not that we are going to believe her based on the " its too hard to measure so I just want to put in a number" coment.. thank god the taxable is loaded from the tax record and uneditable

  15. Marcie Shea says:

    I like the feedback from Agents , we are charged a lot of money and deserve not to be frustrated with this system.

  16. ACK says:

    MRIS should quit trying to sell us new products and spend the money to upgrade their software system. This system is outmoded and very cumbersome. Anyone with a little computer programming experience can see the flaws. New software could provide us with a very user friendly environment. Instead, we have to suffer with frequent upgrades that bring us a new set of headaches each time and surveys like Feedback Fridays.

  17. Tracey says:

    Another problem that frustrates me is when, again, property photos look great in the MLS, but you do a double take on the address when you arrive, because the property looks nothing like the photo taken years ago. This happened to me recently, where upon initial entry into the house, that it clearly would not qualify for my FHA buyer. The agent had an old Springtime exterior photo, and said it needed a little TLC. WHAT??? He didn't check anything under "new finance"… so this was a waste of time for all concerned on the buyers' day off. I realize that MRIS can't enforce basic agent education on finance or marketing skills, but there are adequate options for telling the truth of the property condition. I've had appraisers, agents, and buyers thank me for posting both the positive and negative aspects of a property, so they can make a fairly well informed decision about whether the property works for them, or will qualify for financing… and can either mover on or make arrangements to see it. This is a profession, people! Please treat it as such!!!

  18. Bob says:

    Re the square footage requirement mentioned earlier, it won't work until there is more structure and consistency to what the numbers mean. Too much liability for us to give out numbers that we can't verify, even with what the owner tells us.

    Second point is it would really be helpful when we do comps to have data from MRIS by subdivision. If it already exists I am sorry for mentioning it. I will check.

    Finally, will agents please give us the truth about Pets in rentals. So many say No Pets but then it turns out they really will take a pet on a case by case basis.

  19. Rob Steward says:

    I know that there is a selection under 'Rental Special' for "Rent W/ Opt To Buy", However it seems many agents don't use or perhaps know about this option. Make more work since I also have to search keywords within remarks like (Rent To Own) or (Lease Purchase Option). In addition these searches have to be done twice each for the Realtor® remarks and the general public internet remarks. Either more awareness of the "Rent W/ Opt To Buy" field needs to be trumpeted or a bot set up to also find those listings which only mention this in the remarks. Many clients coming out of short sales or even just those rebuilding their credit yet wishing for home ownership are desiring these rent to own opportunities. While we don't negotiate any terms until the time the clients become credit worthy we wish to provide the very best service possible. Hope an IT guru can create a solution. Thanks!

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