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Feedback Friday for July 26: Matrix Reports

July 26, 2013  |  by Jess

Welcome back to Feedback Friday!

Later this year, we will be making adjustments in Keystone that have been recommended often by customers. Two of the most suggested changes have been “increase the number of characters in the Public Remarks section” and “increase the font size.”

While these items sound like easy fixes, adding more characters in that section of Keystone and increasing the font size on the Matrix reports will alter each of the printable reports in Matrix, particularly those that are currently one page.

We’d like to get your feedback on our ideas on how to accommodate the increased Remarks limit and larger font size.

We have received comments that the buttons for the Feedback Friday surveys do not show for everyone. If you have had trouble taking our Feedback Friday surveys in the past, please click here to take the survey via a Web Link.

Want to know how the results are going? Click here to see them as they happen. Note: Due to the way our survey tool works, the results will not include any links or images found in the actual survey. We recommend taking the survey first before checking the results.

Also, as the comments included in these results are customer-provided, we unfortunately cannot guarantee comment appropriateness. Please keep your comments both relevant and family-friendly.

This survey will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, August 1.

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18 responses to “Feedback Friday for July 26: Matrix Reports”

  1. Amy Musher says:

    I would like to see a list of the criteria used in the search printed at the bottom of each CMA

  2. Sally Kirchoff says:

    I wish I could figure out why my CMA will not fill from the tax record! Keeps saying that it wont work now and try back later! Frustrating… I'm going to update Adobe to see if that will help.

  3. Appreciate the opportunity to provide input on something that will make a difference in how much work I have to do to get my clients all the information they need to make an economical decision.

  4. Lucille Ryan says:

    I liked the old Keystone format – too many things are hidden in the new Keystone (example room sizes which agents do not include now because they can't find where to put it). Also not a friendly way of entering and scrolling – old system was much easier to use

  5. Tajudeen Owolabi says:

    I still subscribe to the fact that your current layout needs no modification.

  6. Karen Everhart says:

    I struggle to keep the comments in the small space we currently have.

  7. Paul Orphanides says:

    I would like to see a list of the criteria used in ANY search printed at the bottom. Can be a smaller font.

  8. dorothy taylor says:

    I would like to see days on the market removed because buyers use it to bid on the propertys. please stop making so many new changes after we, the agents, have become familiar with the last ones. thanks

  9. Sharon Kairis says:

    Techs are aware…but had no solution to offer… I would like to see the bugs that prevent numbers and punctation symbols (i.e., 1, 2,3,4,&,!,?, etc. from populating in the change or download of pictures description boxes…internet remarks in the listing, etc. It makes the agent look bad and is really impacts productivity…
    It's not the computer or browses as everything else works fine. Anyone experienced this problem and found a solution?

  10. Mark H. Beardsley says:

    It would be great if the zoom function on our map searches was more adjustable, allowing for slightly less of a change in zoom level with each level of zooming in or out.
    Also, DEFINITELY keep the Synopsis as a one page document!

  11. Mary Hofferbert says:

    On the search page, I would like to see the order of the following criteria changed to:
    STREET #

    THIS IS THE LOGICAL ORDER IN WHICH THIS INFO IS TYPED-WRITTEN. I've typed the address in the wrong boxes so many times. It may take the very seasoned agent a bit to get used to the new order…but I think it would eventually be a great timesaver. Even better, why can't the Street # and Street Name be one search criteria as it is on the Map Search? If thiscan't be done because then you could not search for all houses on a particular street (without the house number) would it be possible to at least put the Street # and Street Name: on the same line so it would be easy to just tab over?

  12. Ayman says:

    Would love to see the "Transaction Type" in the gallery reports (both agent & customer)

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