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Feedback Friday Results for 2/15 Survey

February 27, 2013  |  by Jess

Thank you for another great Feedback Friday turnout! There are quite a few suggestions from our past survey about Keystone and Matrix for us to go through, but in the meantime, here is data from the survey to let you know what we heard:

  • Email Address Visibility: 55% of you said “keep it hidden” while 31% voted to “display the email address publicly.” 14% had no preference.
  • How “searchable” your listings are: 87% of you indicated that you’d like to know what the most searched fields are so you can ensure that you have made your listings as search-able as possible by filling those fields in.
  • HD Photos: Most people either want or are indifferent to high definition (HD) photos. 48% say they want them, and 45% have no preference.
  • Email Notices: Receiving emails about changes to or expiring listings would be A-OK with almost everyone who took the survey. 93% want an email whenever a major change is about to occur with a listing, and 91% want to receive expiration notices for contingent and temp-off statuses.

Thank you so much for continuing to provide your feedback to us. It is much appreciated!

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2 responses to “Feedback Friday Results for 2/15 Survey”

  1. Janet says:

    Would like to know the percentage of agents that text information. Example; feedback when fresh from exit of tour, codes for combos or alarms, reply still waiting for confirmation if short notice appt. set late pm or early am. When there are problems with wireless connections for calls or email on your phone texting still goes thru:) Text your name & mris ID# to the agent you want to communicate with because most likely you would not have their name, number stored in your phone unless your working a sale contract. When loading a listing next to agents cell number a choice of texting ok would be nice to know:) Quick example; agent sent> at 123 main st. touring & the wtr htr leaking!

  2. Jeanie says:

    Unrelated to this, but important none-the-less, I'd love a way to keep track of the properties I've shown my clients. Sometimes they pull them from the automated MRIS listings (which makes it easy as they can put the no-interest properties in the Discards folder) and other times they are getting them from, etc. Example: I have re-lo clients that see properties every Sunday when they are in town and although we have seen a lot of houses and have written several offers (not accepted due to competing bids), we are still in the house hunting mode. Last Sunday, I showed them two houses they had seen last month, not realizing it because we've seen multiple properties in various neighborhoods. Sigh! Any thoughts?

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