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Feeling Picky? Then Join the Keystone Pick List Committee to Review Current Pick List Definitions

August 24, 2012  |  by Cassie

Do you know that “Loafing Shed” is currently a pick list option in Keystone? Do you know what it even means?

To be honest, I didn’t have a clue and that’s why MRIS is inviting you to participate in our Keystone Pick List Committee to help us with pick list definitions.  (By the way a Loafing Shef is a three-sided shelter, in a pasture or paddock, which a horse can enter at will for protection from the elements.)

MRIS is looking for agents and brokers that are willing to volunteer on a committee that will review current definitions and make recommendations, if needed, on pick list fields just like “Loafing Shed”.

Our goal of renovating Keystone is simple: make a user friendly listing input tool. With your help, we will be creating short hover help definitions to view while entering in addition to a complete data dictionary on all pick list fields.

MRIS customers that are willing to participate in the committee will be rewarded, but the specifics will be left as a surprise. If you are interested in volunteering, please submit the following form:

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