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First Feedback Friday Results

February 19, 2013  |  by Jess

We launched our first Feedback Friday on February 8th, and 1,211 of you responded. Thank you!

As a result of our survey, we learned that 74% of respondents are subscribed to receive our MRIS communications.

Of that 74%, 36% read our Weekend Roundup weekly, 24% read it monthly, 6% read it quarterly, 10% read it infrequently (less than once a quarter), 16% seldom read it (1-3 every six months) and 8% never read it at all.

We also received 304 written suggestions on how we can improve our newsletter. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we heard:

  • 42% had no comments or suggestions
  • 12% suggest shortening the Weekend Roundup
    • Bullet points or less articles to focus on
  • 7% think it should be simpler to read
    • More white space, not as many images
  • 9% would prefer it to be sent less frequently
  • 2% would like to receive it on a weekday as opposed to the weekend
  • 5% like it the way it is
  • 10% provided examples of topics they would like to see covered
    • Most common were: tips for agents, success stories from customers who have used premium products, more useful information – MRIS-specific and/or industry-related, and better explanations of new products.
  • 13% made general comments not related to the Weekend Roundup
    • Most of these were MRIS product-specific and will be passed on to the appropriate product managers.

Another positive note – of the 220 respondents that said they had not received an email from us in a while, 143 of them asked us to check to see if their accounts were active and to re-activate them if they were not. To those 143 people – welcome back!

We thank you again for the constructive feedback. We will be using it as we plan for the design, content, and frequency of the newsletter in the coming months. Please keep checking back weekly for new Feedback Friday surveys!

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2 responses to “First Feedback Friday Results”

  1. Karon Harrington says:

    How do we suggest a comment for feedback or make a suggestion?

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