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For REALTORS®, The Answer Is In “The Cloud”

October 12, 2011  |  by RETechnology

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You’ve probably heard about “the cloud” in association with technology and the Internet. Phrases like “cloud-based solution” or “working in the cloud” seem to spring up in most technology-related conversations these days.

Reason being, the cloud has completely changed the way we use the Internet. What cloud-based technology means for REALTORS® in the simplest terms, is sharing resources, programs and other applications hosted from a remote network that are accessible via Internet connection.

Save Storage Space
“The cloud” removes the strain placed on your home, office and PC in terms of storage and processing. Using “the cloud” also tends to be cheaper than buying a program and setting it up on your own computer.  Many people are placing their documents in “the cloud” because it frees up space elsewhere, and can be accessed at anytime.

Communicating Clearly in “The Cloud”
In terms of communication, cloud-based programs also provide major benefits. Real-time interaction when using “the cloud” for communication is one of its principle advantages. You could also talk on the phone, but communication with a cloud-based platform may allow you to take notes on the conversation and share documents.

Communicating in the cloud is perfect for working in real estate because it enables you to effectively and easily communicate with clients as long as both parties are connected to the Internet.  With real estate technology that utilizes this cloud concept, REALTORS® can significantly reduce the time and hassle associated with handling documents.

In an industry where people invest so much time in procuring documents, “cloud-based” technology presents a sensible and simple solution.

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