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Freddie Mac Launches a Winter Sales Promotion

November 28, 2011  |  by Anne

Now that Freddie Mac has launched the winter sales promotion for its inventory of foreclosed homes (click here for more info), you may be wondering how to find these properties to share with clients.

To find Freddie Mac Properties in Matrix, click the Search Tab and choose Residential General. Customize your search screen to add two Additional Fields; Owner Last Name and Remarks General.

In order to find all of the properties, you will need to complete a search, find properties, move them into a cart, and then revise the search to use different criteria. For example, fill criteria into the Owner Last Name field, then revise and search the Remarks General for Keywords “Freddie”.

To complete your search, fill in the County and statuses of choice.

Using the field, “Owner Last Name” fill in the following criteria – *MAC, Homesteps, FHLMC, click the Search button. From the listing results screen, select the properties that your purchaser may be interested in. Put these properties in a cart by selecting the Add to Cart link. Those property selections are safely stored in the Cart for later use. Now you can revise the search.

Revise the search, remove the information from the “Owner Last Name” field and enter Freddie in the Remarks General Field, click Search. View the Agent Remarks to verify these properties are Freddie Mac properties, select the desired properties, click Carts, and click Add To.

You now have a Cart of Freddie Mac properties that may be emailed, printed, or mapped.  Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the MRIS Support Center at 888-838-8200 or email us at


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3 responses to “Freddie Mac Launches a Winter Sales Promotion”

  1. MRIS_CMO says:

    While I appreciate tour comments, we would also like to hear specific feedback on how Matrix can be improved to meet your needs. Your comment is not accurate about Tarasoft. Many major markets in the Northwest, California, Minnesota and mere have installed their system. I do concur that there's make room for improvement. Yahoo and Redfin are syndicated sites which have documented data integrity issues. Please do feel free to share your suggestions for improvement and we will make sure they're addressed. Thanks.

  2. MRIS_CMO says:

    Thanks for the comments. I'd be happy to continue this conversation off line and provide more current facts, our innovation roadmap and detailed list of system improvements made this year. I am with you that innovation is critical and I have my share of issues wi Tarasoft, so we are likel more in sync than you may think.

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