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Georgetown Versus Capitol Hill: Which Has The Lower Months Of Supply?

July 8, 2014  |  by Ellen

Are you as excited as we are about the expanded offerings for all the real estate data we have at our fingertips? Now with our new SmartCharts Pro product agents can find out so much more information than ever before including how many months of supply are available. Since that is a hot topic in this low inventory market we thought we would take a look at two of the most coveted neighborhoods and how they compare to each other.

Here are the two zip codes within Capitol Hill:

Compare those two numbers to Georgetown and you add a little over a month to the numbers.

Even though Georgetown is selling more slowly than Capitol Hill it can still be considered a hot seller’s market since 4-6 months is the general definition of a balanced market. Both locales are on fire (I believe that’s the scientific term). However Capitol Hill has an extra little boost since it has a handful more properties for sale. Usually a shorter selling time corresponds to fewer properties for sale, but not in this case. Check it out:

Combining the two zip codes you get 147 properties, but only 119 for Georgetown.


If you want to check out the the story for any of the areas we cover head over to If you’re not a SmartCharts Pro (formerly known as rbiEXPERT) subscriber, you can try before you buy! Test drive SmartCharts Pro and these new location types FREE for 14 days. Sign up today by clicking here. If you cancel your account before the trial period expires, your credit card will not be charged.

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