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Get Ready for Matrix Changes – Coming Soon!

January 2, 2014  |  by Tera

matrix-is-changingMatrix is changing in 2014. Early this year you’ll experience some navigation and workflow changes in Matrix. Some of these changes will take some getting used to, but we’re here to help you better understand the changes so you’re informed and prepared.

Key changes include:

Navigation and Workflow – Easily navigate between search, maps and results through three new tabs at the top right of the navigation window.

Printing Reports – Both HTML and PDF reports will now be available for printing.

Button Bar – All actions that can be performed with listing data are now available in one central location.

CMA Customization – Upload custom pages to your CMA such as an agent resume, RBI Statistics pages, or any other document that will enhance your CMA.

Be Prepared – Sign up for MRIS-U Training!
MRIS subscribers can take either MRIS 301: What’s New and What’s Changing or Matrix 101: The Need to Knows of Matrix to learn more about these latest updates to Matrix. We will also update our Matrix tutorials and other resources with information about these changes in the weeks leading up to the release.

Want to preview the upcoming changes? Watch this video overview narrated by the Matrix Product Manager for a sneak peek.

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24 responses to “Get Ready for Matrix Changes – Coming Soon!”

  1. andy says:

    Does this resolve the current matrix issues in iOS7 with Chrome and Safari?

  2. Jennifer Glass says:

    After viewing the video I feel some of the changes will be time saving. The HTML or PDF is a great feature. Thank you for always looking for was to help the Realtors that use MRIS. Jennifer Glass

  3. Ray says:

    Will the limit of 500 listings in the search results be lifted? Quite often I want to sort or list more than 500 listings at a time and am limited by the current system. It will also be very easy to hit higher numbers of results with this system until enough search criteria are added to reduce that number. The total, actual number of results, even it's in the thousands, would be helpful to know.

  4. Beth Tyler says:

    Keystone: When are NUMBERS going to show up on DOCUMENTS like the do on photos, tours, open houses?? I look at the blank paper icon and think I haven't uploaded disclosures, plats, well & septic reports, etc. I waste time clicking only to see they are there.

  5. Marcia Goodman says:

    The changes seem to be easy and useful!

  6. Esther Whitten says:

    Can you list the subject address at top of pictures sheet so that when we print the pics we know to which listing matches pictures sheet.

  7. john says:

    When are is MRIS going to add back a feature called True Expired.

  8. Josh B. says:

    Are the new tabs static, or can they be detached and dragged to another screen?

  9. Dawn B says:

    Are there any updates required for our computers — ie Java script, etc — in conjuntion with these changes?

  10. Nancy says:

    Am new to Matrix for multiple listings service. I'm an appraiser who previously used Rappatoni in Wilmington NC thru Wilmington Regional Assoc of Realtors. I cannot figure out how to generate data for a mandatory form in appraisals, the Market Conditions Report or 1004MC. No one at MRIS tech support knew what I was talking about. This form has been mandatory since 2009 and my previous MLS had a report for it and instructions to calculate a search. Please advise.

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